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MojoLand Water, Amusement and Adventure Park in Murthal

The exotic water park in Murthal is located just in the highway to take you higher into the world filled with adrenaline-rushing rides and amusing activities all over. Located in Murthal(Sonipat) is the Mojo land water park in Murthal that not only has water-based and land-based rides but also will take you on an adventurous trip throughout. Enjoy your weekend filled with immense fun and ride all the amazing rides according to your pace preference. The rides here are devised in a way starting from easy which can even be enjoyed by the three-year-olds to enthralling adventurous ones. Let us dig in deeper to give you a clearer view of all the fun-filled experience that you can have in this top water park in Murthal.

MojoLand Water/Adventure/Amusement Park in Murthal

Lagoon Water Park is Mr. Mojo’s favourite place to perform all the water-based rituals. According to him, the best place to connect with the god of water is the Lagoon water theme park in Murthal. The water park houses delightful and joyful experiences for you to enjoy amidst an ambience of charming tropical feeling. Lose yourself to the scintillating music coupled with exciting vibes and exciting water rides. List of all the water-based experiences that you can have in the Lagoon water park at Murthal includes –the Palm Beach is a place to chill out with your friends and family and have an experience of a beach in NCR.

Mojo Land, Muthal

Also, the wave pool in Lagoon Water Park is leaving no stones unturned in providing you the feeling of a beach-life experience. Craving for the experience of a waterfall? The water park will satisfy that too with its volcanic waterfall located in the area of the Lagoon Water Park. Don’t forget to jump into the pool full of foam with your friends and reminisce all the wonderful memories of childhood, again! With everything else, groove to the feet-tapping music while enjoying the rain showers in Mojo land water park Murthal. Of course, you cannot have all the fun while your stomach is growling with hunger pangs. We have made adequate arrangements for that too. Binge on some of the delicious delicacies in the café situated in the premises of Lagoon Water Park.

Mojo Land

Another superpower of Mr. Mojo is to fly. So what are you waiting for? Come and soar through the sky like a free bird along with Mr. Mojo in the best water park in Murthal. The park has to offer several aero sports to give you memories to cherish away from the mundane life of the metro city. Also, you do not have to get all worked up about the safety measures, as the trained professionals are appointed to guide you through in having an experience that will instigate the adrenaline rush in your body.

The rides are carefully devised for all starting from the easy levels slowly graduating towards the difficult ones. Do you have any idea about the amazing aero-sport activities that you can perform here in the water and amusement park in Murthal? Well, you can perform para-motoring and have a picturesque view of Murthal with the help the hot air balloon ride.

Mojo Land Adventure Park

Do not forget to join Mr. Mojo to have some more adventurous experiences in the Adventure park of Mojo Land water park resort in Murthal. The park is filled with such adventurous sports that will leave no effort in making your experience full of adrenaline rushes and delightful memories to cherish later. All your hunger for some adventurous trip will be satiated in this water park of Murthal. Not only the adults can have the fun of all the enthralling rides but also some of the rides are devised for the kids to enjoy. In the ATV track built inside the premises of Mojo land enjoy the feeling of being a professional racer.

Mojo Land Murthal

Let us give you a more detailed description of all the adventurous rides that Mojo Land has to offer. Enjoy a Freefall from hundreds of feet above the ground. Now, what can be more exciting than enjoying a free fall from a great height? Well, have a look at all the other rides offered in Mojo Land before answering that question. With the bunjee ejection have yet another audacious experience to from an unimaginable height. The faint hearts be careful to stay away from this place. Along with these two are –Zip Lining, an ATV track, and the rock climbing program. Also, enjoy the distant view of the park from a distant height by performing the high ropes sport.

Ticket Price/Entry feeAdventure Park : Rs.600/-(Adult), Rs.500/-(Student)

Lagoon Water Park : Rs.600/-(Adult), Rs.500/-(Student)

Combo (Adventure/Water Park) : Rs.1000/-(Adult), Rs.800/-(Student)

Aero Sports Park : Rs.1500/-(Para Beginners), Rs.2000/-(Intermediate flying), Rs.2500/-(Advanced Flying), Rs.3500/-(Fly Yourself)

Amusement Park : Rs.600/-
Timings 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
AddressMojoLand, GT Road, Murthal
Haryana 131039
Phone Numbers+91 705-665-1111
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://www.mojoland.in

The low ropes sport is specially designed for the children. Among everything else you can also learn archery and shooting. Amidst all the other parks, is the Mojo Land amusement park in Murthal. Mr. Mojo has some exciting amusements hidden here. Let us share the secret with you so that you make sure not to miss out on these rides. There is a merry-go-round for the children; while Swing Chair, Sky Diver, Mini Pirateship, and Dashing cars are the rides devised for the adults.

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