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Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park in Angarsk, Russia

In the Savvateeka Village of Angarsk of Russia, the International Festival of Wooden Culture is conducted every year. The festival is known by the name of Lukomorye on Baikal. Several applications from the participants are submitted every year. Yet the organizing committee selects the top artists along with their artwork coming from different parts of the globe.

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park

After the festival and celebrations have ended, the wooden sculptures get to replenish the exposition in the Lukomorye Park that is situated near Lake Baikal. Whenever you are visiting the Listvyanka settlement on Lake Baikal, make sure to add another place on your list to visit. The Lukomorye Park displaying all the exquisitely carved wooden sculptures by some of the great artists of the world is a place worth visiting. When the festival is being celebrated, and various events are being conducted, the organizers arrange for different masters class, which the visitors can attend.

The Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture forest has been awarded the first position in the All-Russian Competition of Tourism. Also, the festival conducted known as the Lukomorye wooden festival, is awarded the status of being the national event of Russia. The wooden sculpture forest was founded by one of the Russian tourists, who accidentally came across the Lukomorye Park while he was visiting the Savvateeka village in the Irkutsk region.

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park in Angarsk, Russia

Today, the Lukomorye Park nestled close to Lake Baikal is used for displaying the artistry of some of the great minds from all across the world. Various wood-carved sculptures are displayed today in the park, and every year the events are conducted for the tourists to come and have a look at the astounding creativity of human beings from wood. You could rest assured that if you make a trip to this park, you are going to have some incredible sculptures to look at. But, visiting the place at night could be particularly scary.

Here you can gather to see that carvers from different parts of the world gather here to create amazing masterpieces by merely carving the wood. Mostly the sculptures displayed here to cover the themes related to Slavic mythology. And when you pay a visit here, you are going to find traces of the same. Also, you can find sculptures of gigantic insects, horror movies, and other such related stuff. Basically, how creative the human mind can be is unabashedly displayed here.

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park in Russia

Now, you must wonder why the internationally renowned wooden sculpture festival held in Russia and not in someplace else. Then we must enlighten you about the history of Russian culture. Generations of artisans in Russia have worked ages after ages towards the development of different traditions and techniques of wood carving. However, the wooden carving method of artistry gained its popularity in the 20th century, when the professional sculptors got their interests piqued in trying out different kinds of sculpting materials.

Today, there are more than 200 sculptures displayed in the Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Forest, which is perched in the picturesque foothills of the Mountains of Sayan close to the living mineral springs. These springs are situated under the crones of Angana pines in the Lukomorye recreation camp for the children. The place is now transformed for a tourist visit, to which even the adults and the children can come and take in the feeling of Russian origin.

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park, Russia

You could connect here with the Russian souls while enjoying the pristine beauty and prismatic creations of the great wooden carving artists that date back to being centuries old. Take in the ambiance of creativity, while your nostrils blare up with the fresh air throughout the pine forest. We can guarantee you that this is going to fill your heart with utmost joy and happiness as art is an unselfish way of human communication that should be enjoyed by almost every being.

The lively soul of Lukomorye forest strives towards uniting the participants as well as the spectators of the unique wooden sculpture festival. The ulterior motive behind the organization of this festival is to impart people with all sorts of pleasant and positive emotions that shall be forever cherished in your memories (and your photographs and Instagram feeds as well!). The Lukomorye Park hosts one of the very renowned international contests for wooden carvings. The competition inculcates the culture of sharing experiences of the master carvers with the spectators and interested visitors by educating them and developing in them a taste of artistic sense.

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park of RussiaLukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park of Russia

If you visit the Lukomorye Park, now you are going to find different carvings of characters from the Pushkin’s fairy tales, ancient mythology, and Russian folk tales that have been recently added to the collection. Visitors can also come across playing patron of herdsmen. And there are carvings of some famous characters such as the nymph Calypso and Titan Prometheus and many more of their kind. Not only does the park has displays of magical creatures but also of animals and giant insects. Lukomorye Park is the perfect destination for the unison of all the art admirers of the world.

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