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Bunker 42, Moscow : World’s only museum devoted to the Cold War between the USSR and the USA

Bunker 42, Moscow - World's only museum devoted to the Cold War between the USSR and the USA

The Cold War that took place between the USA and the USSR has been commemorated with a single museum in the world, and that is the Bunker 42 Cold War Museum. The Bunker, which now has been turned into a world-class museum is nestled 65m below the level of the …

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The Vodka Museum of Moscow, Russia

The Vodka Museum, Moscow

It would be ominous of you not to address “Vodka” whenever you are thinking of Russia. Well, just kidding! But as a matter of fact, Russians seem to be very closely associated with Vodka. Whenever you are in Russia, you cannot help but think of having Vodka there. The history …

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Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park in Angarsk, Russia

Lukomorye Wooden Sculpture Park

In the Savvateeka Village of Angarsk of Russia, the International Festival of Wooden Culture is conducted every year. The festival is known by the name of Lukomorye on Baikal. Several applications from the participants are submitted every year. Yet the organizing committee selects the top artists along with their artwork …

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Oymyakon – Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth!

Oymyakon - Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

Love to play snow ball fight with your friends and family during the winter snowfall? Then you will surely love a visit  to the Guinness Book record holder for the coldest place on the entire globe that is currently inhabited.  The temperature at the village named Oymyakon in Russia drops …

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