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Skagit Valley Tulip Fields & Festival of Washington, U.S.

If we look back on history, tulips are regarded as the symbol of the paradise on Earth. Then the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in Washington, USA will never fail to impart you with the feeling that you have ascended to heaven while still on Earth. Every year in the month of April, in the Skagit Valley millions of Technicolor Tulips bloom into quilt-like existence, offering us with a breathtaking and picturesque view. That you can’t get enough of!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Washington

The place is located towards the north of Seattle, which is just a 90 minutes drive away. Washington is known to be one of the leading producers of Tulips, which is why the state exhibits a microclimate for the production of Tulips. This situation could be considered similar to that of the wine production area in Woodinville. In the Skagit Valley, the climate is a perfect blend of desired temperature, a healthy rain dose, along with mild winters, which is optimum for the growth of Tulips. To our much surprise –it is perceived as the place has been naturally curated for the beautiful array of Tulip display in the US.

The official celebration of Tulip Bloom is conducted via the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival every year. The ceremony is carried throughout the month of April, just when the Tulips are in their best condition. The farmers in the Skagit Valley work hard throughout the winters to ensure that the Tulip fields are ready by the month of April. This is when millions of visitors from all across the globe are expected to visit the Skagit Valley in Washington to behold the beauty of Earth’s paradise.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Not only are the fields in Skagit Valley lined with the exquisite looking tulips but also you are going to find species of roses and daffodils as well. The town of Mount Vernon in Washington, USA, is considered to be the epicenter of horticulture. If you really want to enjoy the perfect bloom of the tulips in the Skagit Valley, you will have to follow the flower itinerary a little closer. Some of the Tulip fields open as soon as from March 30th and remain so until the 6th of May. After all, it all depends on the flowers to bloom.

The best time to attend the Tulip Bloom Festival could be when the weather is cold in the month of April. Also, make sure never to plan out your visit during weekends. Although several events of the Tulip Festival is conducted during the weekends, there is going to be a lot of rush as the day-trippers from Bellingham and Seattle often travel to the Skagit Valley during the weekends. It would be best to visit the place during the mid-week.

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

You could book a place from Tuesday till Thursday or Friday, and explore the entire area while the crowd is in a manageable situation. Make sure to wake up during the early morning hours to take up the beauty of the tulips in the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields. This is because usually during the morning hours, the crowd is almost negligible and you could quickly capture beautiful snapshots of the place or simply take a stroll and take in the mystical beauty.

There are a few rules that you will have to follow when you are visiting the Tulip fields. Generally, it is challenging to locate a spot for parking, and in most fields, you will have to loop around to find a perfect spot for parking. However, no matter how difficult it is for you to locate the right parking spot make sure not to park wherever you just wish to, you might be at the verge of destroying the fields or being towed at the worst-case scenario. Each field and their owners have set up signs for you to follow. These signs shall indicate you with the directions for the route that you need to follow.

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields and Festival

Also, it is understood that you need to bombard your Instagram feed with pictures of the place, but you are requested to be respectful of the beautiful bulbs grown and the efforts that have been put in for their blooming. Make sure not to damage the flowers. If you are fond of Daffodils, you could visit the Skagit Valley in the month of March, when the fields right with beautiful daffodils, which grow just a few weeks before the Tulips take over.

Every year, a Skagit Valley Tulip Festival committee prepares a map for its visitors that will guide you to the top of the valley. The plan is drawn based on the bloom of the tulips as the fields keep changing due to bloom time and weather conditions. Some of the top fields of the valley are –The Roozengaarde, The Washington Bulb Company Daffodil Fields, and the Tulip Town.

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