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Oymyakon – Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth!

Love to play snow ball fight with your friends and family during the winter snowfall? Then you will surely love a visit  to the Guinness Book record holder for the coldest place on the entire globe that is currently inhabited.  The temperature at the village named Oymyakon in Russia drops down to a stragerring -80 degrees in the  Fahrenheit scale. The village was tagged as the coldest in the year 1933 when the marked temperature was around -94 degrees in Fahrenheit scale, i.e. -68 degrees in Celsius scale.

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is located at a latitude of 63.4608° N, 142.7858° E which is situated at a distance of several hundreds of miles away from Arctic Circle. Thriving along the river named Indigirka, this village can be found 30 kilometers towards the northwest direction of Tomtor. This particular location experiences night like darkness for about 21 hours every day when it is the winter season where the average temperature goes as low as -58 F. The temperature here is so cold that the people living in this area tend to use outhouses. This is because the indoor plumbing here freezes. The cars used by the residents are mostly kept inside heated garages and when left outside they need to be kept running as long as they remain outside.

The people here prefer a carnivorous diet given the fact that the frozen ground doesn’t allow the growth of crops. Local delicacies here include raw flesh obtained from any frozen fish, reindeer meat, macaroni with horse blood stored as ice cubes. For tourists who require a chill thrill, this place can be one of the extreme places to test surviving capabilities. The villagers of Oymyakon had installed digital thermometer in order to display accurate temperature but after reaching a temperature drop of -80 Fahrenheit even the thermometer gave up and ceased to operate.

Oymyakon - Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

Most of all, if you are a photography enthusiast who would like to click something unique, a visit to Oymyakon is a must. This village is famous for its frozen eyelash picture that is a courtesy of our very own Mother Nature. The village is so cold that going out without covering your face can give you an entirely new look with snow covered eyelashes.

Before it became a tourist attraction, Oymyakon was a place for the reindeer herders to take a breath. The name Oymyakon actually means a place with water that doesn’t freeze. Now this is ironic given the local temperatures but this name was assigned to the village due to the presence of a hot spring in the nearby area. In an attempt to allow the nomadic population residing in the area to lay down its roots, the government transformed this particular village as permanent settlement.

Oymyakon - Coldest City in the World

The village houses about 500 permanent residents who were seen living a brave life through the toughest environment with pictures shared all over the social media. The children here can go to school when the temperatures range till -55 degrees in Celsius scale.

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