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The Vodka Museum of Moscow, Russia

It would be ominous of you not to address “Vodka” whenever you are thinking of Russia. Well, just kidding! But as a matter of fact, Russians seem to be very closely associated with Vodka. Whenever you are in Russia, you cannot help but think of having Vodka there. The history of Russians and Vodka seems to go long back. And thus, the Vodka Museum commemorates the history of the Russians’ relationship with Vodka. Also, you can have the benefit of trying inexpensive Vodka tasting facilities in the museum located in Moscow.

The Vodka Museum, MoscowThe Vodka Museum, Moscow

If you still haven’t come up with a conclusion to the debate about adding the Vodka Museum to your itinerary, then this post is certainly going to help you make your decision. When you continue to read on, you will have an idea of what to expect and what not while you are visiting the Vodka Museum. And you will finally be clear with the intention of whether it is worth paying a visit or not.

When you are in Moscow, you won’t be able to reach up to the Vodka Museum with the help of Google maps as the location is a bit tricky to trace out. The museum is nestled somewhere within the market of Izmailovosky or the Izmailovo Kremlin. The market in itself is worth paying a visit to along with the Vodka Museum situated amidst it. Once you arrive at the entrance of the Izmailovo Kremlin, you must continue to walk straight through the pastel buildings lining the area.

Vodka History Museum, Moscow

Once you have reached the pastel buildings, turn around, and you can spot the Vodka Museum easily. Although the entrance has an inconspicuous appearance, it won’t be difficult for you to locate the museum once you have been through the beautiful pastel buildings. Then you need to trace the signs along with the museum to the 2nd floor. And that is where you can start having a look at the actual museum.

When you have reached up to the second floor, you will notice a ticket counter to your right-hand side. This is where you need to pay for entering the museum. The tickets will cost you about 250 Rubles, which is less than $4. When you receive your tickets, you will see that it is provided with a QR code. When you scan that code, it will automatically direct you to a website that is more like a guided walking tour of the entire museum. It would be wise of you to carry your headphones along if you want to hear those instructions about the museum.

The Vodka Museum of Moscow

You are going to find most of the visitors in the museum with their headphones on listening to the guided tour of the place. If you do not want that, you can stop at a place read about it and then proceed further. In this way, you do not have to hear the recordings out. When you walk from one stop to another, you can know about the history of the museum and also about its establishment in Russia for more than 500 years now.

In this museum, you are going to find out about the recipes of Vodka preparation that were used back in the 18th century. And you will also get to know about the famous Russian leaders and their history with Vodka. You are also going to locate a stuffed bear, maybe because of the mere fact that it is Russia. The reason behind that dummy isn’t explained in the tour guide. You are going to find here more than 1000 varieties of Vodkas displayed in the museum. However, most of the bottles are empty.

Vodka Museum in Moscow

The Vodka displayed here is not packed in glass bottles. Instead, some of them are available in gun-shaped containers. Also, some of the Vodkas come in cans. There are varieties of gel Vodka as well. If you are a cat lover, there are treats for you in the Vodka Museum. You can ask for cat treats to the museum workers if you are interested in feeding the cats there.

Also, there is one section of the museum that is entirely dedicated to the different memorabilia, and several outstanding scenes of Russian history are depicted. However, you need to have in-depth knowledge about Russian culture and their history to understand those displays. You can make your way through the entire museum within an hour of time, and in the end, you will get to taste three different Vodkas.

The Vodka Museum of Moscow, Russia

If you are not very fond of Vodka, you can then try out some of the craft beers that are for sale in the Vodka Museum. If you are a Vodka freak, you must take a tour of the place as you are going to learn a lot of things in here. Also, it would be an exciting trip to make primarily because of the end treats you are going to get.

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