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7 beautiful countries where Indian citizens get visa on arrival

Cake-walking through the whole visa process is every wanderlust’s dream. It will definitely come as good news to all those feet itching to explore the world that there are visa on arrival countries for Indians. With visa-on-arrival policy, the countries will let you obtain a visa once when you land on the country, rather than having a visa pre-hand.

7 beautiful countries where Indian citizens get visa on arrival

Just pack your bags and head to these seven countries that provide visa on arrival for Indians.


1. Indonesia

The little cluster of islands down the south of India is one among the popular destinations for tourists. The country is richly blessed with breathtaking beaches, rich culture, plunging waterfalls and mysterious jungles. From the cultural hub at Ubud to its innumerous hidden beaches, Indonesia packs in the best for the Indian travellers flocking into its abode.

Short stay visa for 30 days is free of cost for Indians and can be obtained on arrival.

2. Seychelles 

The sapphire blue waves of Seychelles beaches and the powdery white sands are the perfect embodiment of an exotic place. Seychelles will lure you with its pink sand beaches, the coral reeves of Aldabra and their must-see giant tortoises. This serene country has many untouched beaches and is fairly uncrowded compared to other locations.

For Indians travelling to Seychelles, a permit will be authorised on arrival on submitting a valid passport, proof of sufficient funds, proof of accommodation and return ticket details.

3. Thailand

It’s always hard not to choose the luscious beaches and the alluring Buddhist culture of Thailand. And it just doesn’t stop there. The raving nightlife of Pattaya, the dense forests of Chiang Mai, the mesmerising coral reefs of Ko Tao and the endless coastline all holds a warm welcome to Indian tourists.

Indians can opt for visa-on-arrival while visiting Thailand.

4. Maldives

The clutter of coral islands of Maldives lies to the south of Indian Ocean and is a haven for honeymooners. The spectacular beaches and crystalline waters are the best places to go scuba diving and snorkelling. The sunkissed sands, pristine lagoons and palm-fringed islands float unearthly above the translucent seas. Dive deeper into its coral marine life for a deeper glimpse of the myriad of creatures existing beneath us.

Indians have free visa-on-arrival option for up to 30 days.

5. Mauritius

A paradise on earth, Mauritius’s white sandy beaches are nothing short of heaven. The coral reefs surrounding the island makes it an ideal place to scuba-dive into its abundant marine life. Its culture is also equally intriguing as its untouched natural beauty. You will be rewarded with beautiful waterfalls and an amazing gastronomical journey if you decide to visit Mauritius.

Indian citizens travelling to Mauritius will be granted a 60 day visa on arrival on providing a valid visa, details of sufficient funds for stay and a return ticket.

6. Fiji

Fiji is an off-beat choice for Indian travellers, possibly due to its far-away location. All the more reason to explore this archipelago. You can easily stroll through their sand dunes, go explore their mysterious caves, soothe yourself on the hot springs or relax with their traditional mud-pools. For the adventurer in you, ride through their amazing surf waves at Mamanuca Islands or dive with the sharks at Beqa Lagoon.

Indians will be given a visa on arrival if you land at Fiji with a valid passport.

7. Sri Lanka

Our next-door neighbour is well worth a deep exploration. You can gaze upon the Colombo city atop the Lotus Tower, get up close and personal with elephants at Pinnawalla Elephant Sanctuary, climb the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya or go on the most scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella. Sri Lanka’s coastal life is also lined with equally exciting beaches.

Indian passport holders can obtain a free visa on arrival while visiting Sri Lanka.

What are you waiting for? Unleash the adventure now!

Disclaimer: Visa policies and conditions are subject to revisions and changes. Please visit the country’s official website before planning your trip.

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