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GS Water Park and Resort in Neemrana, Rajasthan

In Alwar district of Rajasthan is nestled an ancient town known by the name Neemrana. The town is at a distance of 122 km from Delhi, 84 km from Gurgaon, and 155 km from Jaipur. We are all aware of the Neemrana Fort, which tops the list of places to visit in the town. But, amidst several tourist places, the GS water park in Neemrana stands out from the rest. While other places date back to the historical events that took place in the town, the top water park in Neemrana will help you break the wheel of tension and take you on a trip full of zest and adventure. So what are you waiting for? Come, visit GS Water Park and have a fun-filled experience with your family and friends. It is a guarantee that you are going to leave the water park with a plethora of memories to cherish, later in life.

G S Water Park in Neemrana

The staff of the water park in Neemrana is available at every level of the park to guide you through and make your day full of delight and joy. So let us get started and take you on an exciting journey of the water park. The parking facility of the water park is A-Grade as it is provided with ample space for you to park your vehicles and then enter into the magical world of water. Here you can perform all the water rituals and connect with the God of water. Beat the heat of the summers and escape into space where there are unimaginable water rides, swimming pools, DJ parties, and all sorts of water games played. To begin with, the water park at Neemrana is equipped with hi-end technology-based water, as well as land rides.

G S Water Park in Neemrana

Swirl and Swoon, glide and slide through the tornado tunnel and then drop with a splash into the water pool filled with crystal clear water. Take a ride in the roller coaster, climb up slowly, hold your breath during the sharp turns that the coaster takes, and scream as loud as possible when the coaster drops from a very high altitude and end up splashing water surrounding the ride with a whooshing sound, which will leave you completely wet and crazy. Does that sound fun to you? Well, there is much more to come.

G S Water Park Neemrana

Enjoy the bumpy rides with the crazy cars and make use of your driving skills only to end up bumping with other riders. That’s right! You will have to jostle for space and crash into other riders while driving the crazy cars. Don’t worry it is all safe and part of a fun game. Let your spirits free and your inner child out to make the most of GS water park Neemrana. There are rides for all the age groups and for the faint hearts too. Also, if you are lazy croc and want to spend all your time inside the water pool you can do that too. Float on the water all day with the help of tubes.

G S Water Park

After you have had fun with the rides, move to the wave pool and have the feeling of being near a sea beach, when the waves come crashing at you. Are you a dance fanatic and do you love rain too? Well, then we have the perfect set up for you! Groove to the music played by the in-house DJ and show your best moves on the dance floor and just when the energy of the crowd is vibrating, the rain showers equipped in the entire area will shower water on you uplifting your spirits and your mood to the ultimate level. Also, what can be better than dancing in the rain? Food!

GS Water Park and Resort Neemrana

That’s right how can we forget the food arrangement and leave you home hungry? The best water park in Neemrana serves the best quality mouth-watering food on the premises. There are multiple food joints serving multiple cuisines that will definitely make you overeat. (You can take a break from calorie-counting too). The water park of Neemrana offers you to conduct birthday parties, kitty parties, corporate parties, and anniversary parties too. All you need to do is book your slot and give adequate instruction to the staff and leave the rest on the management.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.200 per person
Timings 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
AddressKhasra No.116,117,118, On NH-8 Mohalariyan, EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area,
Neemrana, Rajasthan-301705
Phone Numbers077371 77321,
097846 61806

The city life can be too tough to deal with and you must take a break from the jostle of everyday tension of juggling between work and home. Therefore, this weekend, take a break from the usual life schedule to pamper yourself and give some undivided attention to your friends and family at the Neemrana water park. The place is full of fun and excitement and we guarantee you that the ticket price that you pay shall all be redeemed by the end of the day and you will leave home with happy faces.

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