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Offer a Toy Plane at Aeroplane Gurudwara of Jalandhar and Get US Visa

Jalandhar is situated in Punjab, which is a northwestern state of India. Jalandhar is located close to the Grand Trunk Road due to which it is easy for the travellers to commute to the location. The entire city is filled with innumerous tourist places; however, one of the most astonishing places is the Aeroplane Gurudwara situated in the city. It may sound bizarre to the rest of the world, but the people here devotedly believe that if you offer a toy airplane in the gurudwara, your US Visa shall be approved in time, without causing much trouble. Therefore, the place is renowned by the name of –Aeroplane Gurudwara or ‘hawaijahaj’ Gurudwara.

Offer a Toy Plane at Aeroplane Gurudwara of Jalandhar and Get US Visa

The Aeroplane Gurudwara is located at a 12 km distance from Jalandhar Cantonment in a small village named –Talhan. The village is famous for the annual fair conducted here known by the name –Shaheedi Jor to commemorate Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh. The fair attracts devotees from all over the country to the small village of Talhan. Now let us indulge in the topic of offering a toy plane to a Gurudwara. Most of you must think, what is the purpose behind doing so? Is it some fantasy of a small child or something more of a juvenile superstition that the locals believe? It is famously known all over Punjab and in some parts of India that if you are willing to go the US and having troubles with the approval of your visa, you must pay a visit to the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara, now known as the “Aeroplane Gurudwara” to get the visa approved.

Aeroplane Gurudwara of Jalandhar

The management of the Gurudwara finds around at least 80 to 100 toy aeroplanes offered in the Sikh-shrine that is situated on the first floor. Though the idea is ridiculed to be superstitious the management of the place has no idea, where it all did begin from. Balvir Singh, the manager of the Gurudwara does not support the superstitious beliefs of the people and does nothing to even promote it. However, more often than not he has caught young couples through the CCTV camera footage offering toy aeroplanes in the shrine. The government of Punjab took over the management of the Gurudwara in the year 2006 due to constant agitating riots between the Dalits and the Jats. Both the communities desired to have supreme control over the place which forced the government of the state to get involved in the matter and take all the control over. The shrine for the Sikhs was built here in the memory of Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh.

Shaheed Baba Nihaal Singh Gurudwara

Baba Nihal Singh is said to have belonged from a village Dakoha near Talhan. The saint installed pulleys for the water wells because of which the villagers had easy access to water. The local believed that Baba Nihal Singh was blessed with some divine power due to which the wells he installed the pulleys in never dried up and supplied sweet water too. However, one such incident was the reason behind his death. Since then the villagers have established the Gurudwara as a memoire. Though the history of the Shrine is not known to many people, it has recently gained much popularity because of the uncanny tradition that is followed here.


How to Reach

Located in the village of Talhan, Jalandhar City, Punjab is the Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara or the “Aeroplane Gurudwara”. The area Pincode is -144101. However, the Gurudwara has become so famous in the recent times that to reach up to here, all you need to do is ask the local residents for the directions and you will be easily guided to the footsteps of the shrine in no minute.

By Air: The city of Jalandhar does not possess an airport of its own. Therefore, Amritsar Airport serves the means of air transport to the city. The airport of Amritsar is situated at a distance of 75km from Jalandhar, from where you can take help of a local bus or cab to reach the city. The Amritsar Airport connects to almost all the major cities of India and some of the international destinations too.

By Rail: The Railway Station of Jalandhar is one of the most important junctions of the Punjab State. Many major trains halt in the station, which serves as a source of an easy commute to the city. The Railway Junction connects to almost all the major cities of India, which makes it easier for the visitors to commute through railways.

By Road: Jalandhar city is profusely connected to the major cities of India. Government and private buses run throughout the place for the transportation of the visitors. It takes an overnight journey from Delhi to Jalandhar. Also, local buses are available in the city for providing easy commutation of the travellers.

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