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Tips on Downsizing Your Suitcase for an Over-Packer

Packing is an acquired skill.  Whether you’re traveling across the globe or going just a couple of towns over, it’s important to know how to pack intelligently.  We need to be sure we have all of the items necessary while also wanting to pack things that make our lives easier.  Unfortunately, we can’t rent out Woodland apartments so that we can take our home with us wherever we go! Instead, here are some tips on how to pack intelligently.


Pack Change instead of Changes of Outfits

Although it would be fantastic to pack your entire wardrobe, clothing takes up a lot of space and overpacking means you could have to pay the extra money for more luggage which becomes expensive!  Instead of putting yourself through that, it’s a good idea to pack a reasonable amount of clothing and then pick up quarters at your bank.  Quarters will ensure that you can use a laundromat regardless of where you go and your clothes will always be fresh.  Pack outfit pieces that you can mix and match.

Pick A Pillow or A Blanket

Many people will bring several pillows and blankets to make the trip as comfortable as possible. Don’t do this!  Instead, pack as minimal as possible.  Pick either a single blanket or a single pillow and stick to it.  A single pillow may be comfortable, but packing a single blanket means you could also use that as a pillow if you need to.

Bring No More Than Three Pairs of Shoes

Most trips only require two pairs of shoes like sandals and sneakers, but sometimes the need arises for a fancier pair as well. Including the shoes you’re wearing while you go to your destination, only travel with three pairs of shoes or less.  Shoes are heavy, they take up a lot of space, and they can be incredibly expensive to risk losing them. Instead, pack two pairs and ensure that the shoes you pack can go with nearly every outfit.

Research the Weather and Locations Ahead of Time

Some people overpack because they’re scared of showing up unprepared.  Don’t fall for this!  Instead, research your destination and the weather it’s facing before you travel.  This research can save you the trouble of having to pack too much.  If the weather seems a little unpredictable, try to err on the side of packing between the heat or cold. If you have to take a huge fluffy coat, try to wear it on the way to your location so that you don’t have to pack it in your suitcase.

Listen to What Others Going are Packing

If you’re traveling with others, it’s a good idea to try and find out how much they’re packing. Of course you may have different needs and you may require more, but when it comes to the nonessential items, which pieces do you notice yourself packing that nobody else seems to be?  Don’t be afraid to talk it over with those you’re traveling with to figure out why they picked what they did and how you can decrease how much you’ve packed.

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