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Top 7 Electronic Markets in Delhi

In the 21st century, not a single day goes by when human beings do not require a gadget for some or the other purpose. Due to the exponential expansion of the digital world laptops, computers, mobile phones, air-conditioners, cameras, televisions, refrigerators, etc. have become an essential part of our life. However, the affordability of these electronic products can be the greatest ordeal. In Delhi, there are some of the wholesale electronic markets that deal with a disguised copy of the original products at one-tenth of the market price rate. The only catch is one has to compromise with the authenticity of the product which sometimes is a mere issue with the price rate offered. Let us get down to the list of places dealing with such amazing electronic products in Delhi.


1. Nehru Place

Nehru Place

For the residents of Delhi, the Nehru place shops are a go-to place for getting their broken electronic gadgets fixed. You can also get a variety of software both pirated and brand new available to you. Starting from parts of the computer to assemble your own system to mobiles phones, cameras, and other forms of electronic equipment are dealt with, all at a discounted price rate. The quality of your purchase will be based on your budget as you can get both branded and unbranded products available in Nehru Place computer shops. However, you must put your bargaining shoes on and make sure to verify each product before you are paying your money for it.

2. Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar

The air-conditioned bazaar in the basement of Connaught place is overcrowded with people all the time. The shopkeepers here try their best to interest you with their products and convince you to buy them. The specialty of Palika Bazaar is game consoles and gaming CDs where most of the ones are pirated. However, the shops here also deal with accessories related to games and if you are looking for buying gadgets or toys for adults; this is one of the best electronic markets in Delhi to look out for. The best Palika Bazaar shopping tips is to brush up your bargaining skills when you are out here purchasing cameras, mobile phones, or any other gadgets.

3. Gaffar Market

Gaffar Market

This market tops the list of the best electronic markets in Delhi which came into existence in the year 1952 and is also addressed by the name Grey Market. You can get a second-hand iPhone here by paying price money of 10,000INR that comes with a one-year warranty. The buyers flock here to purchase branded products with huge discounts, which include PlayStation, appliances used in for household purposes, and many other electronic gadgets. The Gaffar market famous for the first availability of all the latest gadgets here before they are introduced in the entire country. Some of the shops here offer the gadgets at half a price but without a bill and a warranty card.

4. Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk

Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk

The Bhagirath palace market in Delhi houses the shops that deal with electronic products sold at a wholesale price rate and the residents of the Delhi go here to get their gadgets fixed. This is among the top electronic markets in Delhi that cater all varieties of home appliances, lighting systems, and personal electronic products like ACs and refrigerators at an affordable price. Looking for a motherboard for the CPU or a home theatre to equip your house with? You must visit the Bhagirath Palace electrical shops. This market is best for wholesale buyers and not retail shoppers. However, the shops here hold a large variety of stock and all you need to do is get on point with your bargaining skills.

5. Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk

Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk

You can find all kinds of electronic products in this market. This is the reason why Lajpat Rai Market electronics shop is always overcrowded with manufacturers, traders, and distributors all across the country flocking to one particular place. The items available in this market are a combination of both cheap imitations and original big brands. The one with true skeptical knowledge of the gadgets can get a decent deal of products from here. The old Lajpat Rai market shops also consists of many Chinese products which include replicas of branded phones, CCTV for home and office application, and cameras especially for the customers from the Middle East and Afghanistan. You are suggested to check a product with complete scrutiny before purchasing it and make the most out by using your bargaining skills.

6. Janpath Market

Janpath Market

The Janpath market is among the budding yet top electronic markets in Delhi. You can go wholesale shopping for electronic products alongside clothes, jewellery and handicraft products too. You need to be very careful while purchasing any electronic gadgets from this market; you should get your product properly verified before paying the bill off. However, product offered here is worth taking a risk because of the Janpath market prices. So go ahead shopping of the electronic gadgets here but do not forget to carry your bargaining skills along.

7. Wazirpur Commercial Complex

Wazirpur Commercial Complex

In ancient times, the Wazirpur market in Azadpur was famous for its pottery selling business. However, that time is long gone now; if you are looking for buying a computer you must visit this market complex. The market is filled with showrooms and service centres that deal with a variety of computers all available at a wholesale price. Among all the other Delhi electronic markets, the Wazirpur computer market in Delhi stands out from the rest; as it has its own website for you to help get access to all the names of the shops available here. You can also look for your desired item and the price offerings of the various shops and choose from the one that best suits you.

So before purchasing any gadgets, you must make a visit to some of the best electronic shops in Delhi mentioned above. Although the authenticity of the products available in these markets may be sacrificed, paying such a cheap price is worth the investment too.

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