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Top 5 Book Markets in Delhi

Every true book lover finds joy in discovering a book store that deals with a range of novels starting from fiction, to science, suspense, and thriller. There is always an excitement in finding out a new library or a novel kiosk to just grab onto the world of imagination. While buying books online can be very easy, it cannot take away the essence of going into a book store to scan through loads of novels and find the one for yourself. The range of collection of books in these markets can any day defeat the online shops. Therefore, we have carefully curated 5 book markets in Delhi, which is a must visit for every bibliophile.


1. Daryaganj Sunday Book Market

Daryaganj Book Market

This market tops the list of most famous book markets in New Delhi which is open only on Sundays. The Daryaganj book market is also known as the ‘Kitaab Bazaar’ which on every Sunday is held on the pavements of the street stretching to 2 kilometres. The best book market in Delhi is famous for the variety of genres that are available here. The books lovers and the rare book collectors flock to this market to gather the books of their choice at a very affordable price. The book-addicted sharpen your bargaining skills and visit the Daryaganj book market on a Sunday to the best deals on the rarest of the books available here.

2. Shankar Market

Shankar Market

This is among the very old book markets in Delhi where you can get a variety of genres at a very cheap price. The very famous book shop named Ram Gopal Sharma and Sons not only sells books here but also lends them to the enthusiasts of reading. In this bookstore-cum-library you can get rarest of the rare books especially the ones with the thriller genre. The second hand book market in Delhi sell all the books of famous authors like Dan Brown, Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham and many others, all at a price ranging as low as Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 or sometimes you get the books at half rate of the original price.

3. Connaught Place

Connaught Place Book Market

Connaught place is known for one of the best book markets in Delhi which have been a hangout destination for all the books lovers since generations now. The book stores in CP are established from historic times. However, it also houses stand-alone novel kiosks that deal with a variety of genres starting from thriller to comics, fictions, and romantic. The best part about buying books from such shops is they go easy on your pockets; you can find all sorts of books ranging from Rs. 80 to a maximum of Rs. 200. In the Connaught place you can look for a shop just fitting the description right next to PVR Plaza and other in the side-walk of F-Block.

4. Vasant Vihar

Vasant Vihar

The book shops in Vasant Vihar are among the cheap book markets in Delhi which offer a plenty of books all at a very low price rate. You can get second hand books or some of the new books all sold at a mind-blowing discounted price. The Om Book shop and Fact and Fiction are the two most famous book shops in this second hand book market New Delhi that allure the book lovers with attractive price and entice the bibliophiles with the variety of genres. Also, the ambience is great with perfectly aligned books for you to go through and select the one of your choices. Apart from novels and poetry books, you can also get materials for academic purposes that involve text books, sample papers, and other stationeries.

5. Janpath

Janpath Book Market

The book market in Janpath is one of the best second hand book markets in Delhi that not only deals in the selling of second hand books but also has a range of new novels too. The local residents of Delhi flock to a little shop, which is situated amidst the flea market of Janpath that serves its customers with a wide range of book varieties. The shops in Janpath book market will not only provide you with the book of your choice but also buys some of the old novels back. For anyone who is planning to clear their bookshelves in exchange for some new ones should visit this shop in Janpath.

So book lovers what are you waiting for? Wear your bargaining shoes and make a list of all the books that you want to grab hold of and get-set-go! If you are visiting Delhi and are a book lover these are the few places you should not miss out on and for the local residents who had no idea about the existing hidden treasures go find the books here which you were longing for since forever, all within the affordable price range.

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