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Yuanyang Rice Terraces : The Chinese Rice Terraces of Dreams

The Yuanyang Rice Terraces are proliferated over the southern slopes of the Ailao Mountains of the Yuanyang County. And even the southern parts of the Yunnan provinces are covered by these rice terraces. The entire area that is taken up by the Yuanyang Rice Terraces sums up to be about 113 sq kilometers or 28,005.3 acres. For generations now, the Hani people have managed to create a masterpiece –the Yuanyang Rice Terraces.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces - The Chinese Rice Terraces of Dreams

The Southern Ailao Mountain has been transformed into a typical landscape that has been tiered into rice fields similar to that of terrace farming. But, the Yuanyang Rice Terraces are particularly renowned for the frontier scenery that they have to impart. About 2500 years ago, the ancestors of Hani people migrated to these steep mountain land. Although initially, they had to struggle a lot with the difficulties of adjusting in terrain, they were eventually successful in the fabrication of these enormously beautiful rice fields that are listed among one of the most favored photogenic spots of China.

The Hani people started using these terrain surfaces for growing rice, which served as a source of their living, meanwhile imparting a picturesque view to the entire area. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the idea of making use of terrain land to grow rice spread throughout China and as well as the Southern part of Asia. The Hani people are among one of the firsts to make use of the rugged mountain slopes for the purpose of farming while depicting artistic beauty for the country of China with Yuanyang Rice Terraces.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

The emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) rewarded the Hani people with the title of “Skillful Sculptor” due to their astounding skills turning barren terrain lands into fields that could grow rice and support their living. The reputation awarded to the Hani people was further passed down from one generation to another. Today the sculpted land is known by the name of Yuanyang Rice Terraces and has been acknowledged by UNESCO officially as a site of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

The magnificent rice fields are proliferated a large area of land and produce rice on a large-scale basis. They further extend towards several towns that are nestled along the Red River, including the Yuanyang, Jinping, Luchun, and other such villages. The core area of the rice terraces is covered under Yuanyang County, as the entire area is mountainous on which the terraces are built. The slope of the hillsides basing the Rice terraces varies from 15 degrees to 75 degrees in the level of inclination.

Rice Terraces of China

One of the cultural and natural landscapes of the Yuanyang Rice Terraces is the Duoyishu Scenic Area. This is the best place to halt in order to capture some of the most exquisite sunrise photographs. The terraces in the entire area are spread across more than 6.7 sq km, which includes the Duoyishu, Dawazhe, and Aichun region. In the Duoyishu area, the sunrise imparts the most scintillating and stunning view as it highlights the superlative dynamic view of the entire Yuanyang Rice Terraces.

Let us in you on a secret that you can have a view of particularly at the Duoyishu region of the Yuanyang Rice Terraces is that you could watch the water in the river nearby changing hues during the sunrise hour. The shadows and the reflections of the entire region regularly change, thereby serving you with a view of such visual impact that can be overwhelming and heart-melting. The Yuanyang Rice Terraces are peaked at the height of 140 meters from the Red River that is at a level of 3000 meters above the mean sea level. If you want to visit the Yuanyang Rice Terraces, you will have to commute through the winding and steep roads.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces, China

You can get to the Yuanyang Rice Terraces via road either by taking private cars or with the help of the long-distance buses commuting within the region. You are going to find the necessary accommodation facilities in Yuanyang as the area is located at a distance from Kunming city, and the part is a remote province. You can locate just one 3-star rated hotel in the area that is in Xinjie Town and is known by the name of –Yunti Hotel.

Another region in the area locally addressed as Laohuzui or the Tiger Mouth is one of the visited places in the Yuanyang region. The scenic region offers you with colorful hierarchy and a third-dimensional view. The best time to visit the Yuanyang Rice Terraces is from the month of November to April. You can have a fantastic experience by visiting the Yuanyang Rice Terraces, especially during the winter season. The fields are filled with water during this time, and the lowermost section of the region is the most attractive part, which outlines the galloping horses.

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