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Antelope Canyon, Arizona: The most photographed Slot Canyon in the World

Nature has always managed to impress us with its picturesque representations through greens, water, ice, and so on. Very few of the geological formations in the world can be compared to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Antelope Canyon located in Arizona. This particular tourist attraction is a monumental sculpture naturally made from sandstone. The Antelope Canyon is no doubt the dream of a photographer and someone who loves their picture’s backdrop to be as amazing as they are.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona: The most photographed Slot Canyon in the World

Popular for its gleaming wave-like curves & the way sunlight reflects on the canyon’s opening, Antelope Canyon is nothing less than a supernatural experience. This canyon is a result of hundreds and thousands of years worth of erosion caused by water. The Antelope Canyon in Arizona is comprised of two mesmerizing slot canyons lying on the land that is sacred to the popular Navajo Nation. The place can be accessed with a permit, so make sure you have a guide by your side to help you through the documentation processes. The canyon serves as the symbol representing the powers and gifts bestowed to us by Mother Nature.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

In the Navajo terminology, Tse Bighanilini is the name for the upper end of the Antelope Canyon. This means a place where the water happens to run through the rocks. It was once home for the herds of the pronghorn antelope. The Antelope Canyon today lies in the Navajo Nation’s LeChee Chapter. The beauty of this place draws in the nature-lovers & is popular for its mysterious and remarkable beauty. The walls of the canyon go as high as 120 feet atop the streambed. In short, the Antelope Canyon is one of the best cathedrals comprised of swirling sandstone and red-hues. You can definitely go exploring this canyon on your own, but a guided tour will surely help you explore areas that might not be accessible to regular tourists. You can choose from different options for tour operators that will provide you access to a lot of information on the geology, history, as well as the culture of the area.

Antelope Canyon Arizona

When at the Antelope Canyon, photographers will surely enjoy clicking pictures of the beautiful curves and reddish hue. If you are hunting for that natural beams created by sunlight reflecting on the canyon, make sure you plan your visit accordingly. The beams mostly occur during summers while the best view of this canyon can be achieved during the time between the latter half of March going as far as early October. If you are looking for lodging services in the area, you will surely get a lot of options at budget prices. However, you need to keep in mind that camping might not be within the Antelope Canyon. So, if you have plans to camp, the closest option will be available for you at the Wahweap Marina by the Lake Powell.

Antelope Canyon

The gorgeously glistening slopes of the rocks paired with the shifting lights make up for a surreal experience for the canyon visitors. The canyon’s slot has been a part of several Hollywood films & magazines all around the globe for its wonderful beauty. However, none of these things can match up to the experience of visiting the Antelope Canyon up close and personal. The two sections of this canyon flaunt easy-to-go names. The upper section of the Antelope Canyon is termed as “The Crack,” while the lower section of the same is termed as “The Corkscrew.” However, both these areas require a guided tour.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

The upper end of the Antelope Canyon is carved similar to the shape of the letter “A.” This is where the Antelope Canyon has narrow openings towards the top with the walls widening as you proceed down. The tour guides can drive the visitors close to 3.5 miles through the sandy road all the way to the canyon’s entrance. After this, the visitors can enter right inside the Antelope Canyon. People visiting the lower section of the Antelope Canyon can visit the adjoining park, which is just 10 minutes from the area. Now, the lower canyon is shaped in the opposite pattern of the letter “V.” In simple words, the walls of the canyon start opening with a wider foot on the upper end and taper down towards the bottom. If you are visiting the lower Antelope Canyon, the traffic is one-way. This means you cannot go back to the point you started at.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA

You enter through one end of the canyon and exit from another. However, the upper section of the Antelope Canyon is spacious enough to allow two-way footwork. This allows visitors to return back to their respective tour vehicles.


Tours at Antelope Canyon

The canyon offers both general as well as photography tours. Obviously, general tours tend to be cheaper & shorter as compared to photography tours. Regardless of the part of the canyon you visit, make sure you eat properly as the walk can be tiring. Do not forget to carry enough sunscreen and water to protect from the glistening sunlight. Before you venture out on your trip, make sure you check the current weather forecast and avoid rain or heat.

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