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Dongchuan Red Land : God’s Magic Palette in Yunnan, China

A new bubbling tourist destination nestled close to Kunming is the Dongchuan Red Land, which the photographers, as well as the travelers, absolutely love. The place is famous by the name of “God’s Palette.” The Dongchuan Red Land is at 200 km distance from Kunming city towards its northeast direction. The red soil is formed due to the weather conditions of high temperature and rainfall. The land is an abundance of aluminum, iron, organic matter, heavy clay, and is highly acidic as well. The area exhibits Yunnan highland’s characteristic red soil in the most typical manner.

Dongchuan Red Land - God's Magic Palette in Yunnan, China

The Dongchuan, Yunnan is considered to be the second most marvelous red land in the entire world following Rio in Brazil. The place was though discovered during the mid-90s, it was kept a secret amongst a few photographers from China, who have clicked some award-winning photographs of the Dongchuan Red Land. The gorgeous scenic views and the prismatic beauty of the location will make your heart flutter. Thousands of mountains encasing the Red Land are covered with deep red, bright red, purple, and other such colors.

Whenever the wind gushes over the land, the plants and the trees surrounding the field sway along with it tenderly. The Dongchuan Red Land is the representation of a beautiful picture drawn by Nature. If you look at the entire scenario from a distant view, you are going to have a vision of a beautiful landscape etched on the sheet with oil colors. The words photogenic, breathtaking, and mesmerizing are not enough to define the adroit beauty of the location. So to say even Van Gough’s painting shall look overrated over the serenity that this place has to offer.

Dongchuan Red Land

The best time to visit the Dongchuan Red Land to capture the red fields could be just after the fields have been ploughed and right before the crops start to grow. During the summer season, the potato flowers bloom and golden wheat lines the red fields, imparting a royal vision to gawk at. This is when the blood-red field photos can be captured at their best with the golden colors bestowed by the grown crops, the blue sky above, the green plants lining the area, and the red earth, completing the whole art of Nature.

Just as the summers, autumns in the Dongchuan Red Land are equally favorable and stunning. While some of the fields shall be turned over for the preparation of new crops to grow, some part of the highland will be covered by wheat and barley. Also, the white cole flowers that are the specialty of Yunnan make the field appear even more colorful and vibrant. To reach up to the Dongchuan Red field, you can take help of Kunming transportation services. While you are on your way to the Dongchuna Red Land, there are various other scenic views that you can have a look at.

Dongchuan Red Land, Yunnan, China

You are going to come across several flocks of oxen, goats, and carts that are drawn by the horses. The local minorities of the region are very friendly and will be pleased to interact with you and help you discover some of the outlandish locations in the area. Also, the red land is surrounded by the Sunset Valley, which in the local tongue is addressed as Luoxiagou. The valley is further surrounded by the mountains, due to which the Luoxiagou valley appears like a sunken depression when you view it from a distance.

The colorful fields are further adorned by the local villages that serve as a mind-blowing view for clicking pictures. Here, at the Dongchuan Red Land, Nature is at its best and displaying all shades of beautiful hues possible. The Dongchuan Red Land is a place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If not for anything else, we can assure you that your Instagram feed is going to be bombarded with awe-struck views and you are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of visiting such a scenic yet a serene place that exists on this land.

Dongchuan Red Land, China

To capture a view of the villages that are nestled at a distance from the Red Land, make use of the telephoto lens. And you are advised to arrive at the location by at least 4:30 pm or in the late afternoon. During this time, you will be able to capture one of the most exquisite and brilliant photographs of your life. A vast range of Red fields of Dongchuan is proliferated encased by the arms of continuous mountain ranges touching the skyline.

Damakan is a place near the Dongchuan Red Land, where you can have the best possible view of the sunrise due to its topographical alignment.  To get a favorable position to get beautiful pictures, travelers and the photographers are suggested to be by the place by 5:30 am. And, the Wafang Liangzi is the best place to view the sunset along with the Dongchuan’s red fields.

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