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Top 5 Unusual Casinos in the World

Most gambling enthusiasts aspire to visit casinos located in the leading gambling playgrounds of the world i.e. Les Vegas and Macau. Though casinos in these cities offer remarkable gaming experiences, there are some thrill-seeking gamblers who do not get pleasure in the traditional setup of these casinos. This group of gamblers is always looking to find outlandish gambling establishments that offer an offbeat yet exciting gaming experience. If you are looking to gamble in an unusual casino, you can check out the following casinos:


Sun City Resort Casino, South Africa

A luxurious casino resort located in the North West Province of South Africa, Sun City Resort Casino is an extravagant place where you can indulge in your favorite games while enjoying Africa’s indigenous wildlife. Though it might not seem out of the ordinary at first sight, you’ll definitely have a freakish gambling there. The most unique feature of this casino resort is that it offers an unforgettable safari adventure to players. The distinct vibe of this casino doesn’t come from red carpets and grand casino floors, but from the adventures that you can indulge in outside of the casino room. Nonetheless, it has well-decorated casino floors that house a large variety of games i.e. hundreds of slot machines and more up to 40 table games.

Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

Situated close to the downtown Chicago area, Rivers Casino is a gambling establishment located on a puddle. Though its name might suggest that it is a riverboat casino, Rivers Casino is located on a small part of water and doesn’t move. This is due to the state law in Illinois that requires all gambling facilities to operate on water. Rivers Casino has been in existence since 2011 and offers a large variety of games with more than 1,000 slot machines and 50 table games.

Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia

Situated in the Pahang mountains, Resorts World Genting is Malaysia’s leading resort destination. It is home to dozens of leisure and entertainment facilities including a giant casino, theme parks, dining outlets, retail shops, and convention centres. Resorts World is owned by the Genting Group, a company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Resorts World casino is located on a hill station, 6,000 meters above water level. The most distinct feature of Resorts World casino is the 150 million years old rainforest that surrounds it.

Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

Located off the well-trodden trail in Coober Pedy, the Desert Cave Hotel offers an incredible underground gaming experience. The gambling establishment of the Desert Cave Hotel was carved out of the rock-strewn desert. The Desert Cave Hotel casino offers about 15 poker games and some slots.

North Cadbury Court, Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Located in a small village of Yeovil, the North Cadbury Court is one of the most fancy gambling establishments in England. Though it’s a very small place, the gambling experience it offers is incomparable. An underground casino with low ceilings, North Cadbury Court is probably the most unusual casino in the world with the capacity of holding only 25 players. It has one roulette wheel, a poker room, and a blackjack table. If you are looking for casinos outside of the UK, you can check out some non gamstop casinos.

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