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The Most Interesting Gambling Locations in the World

Many people enjoy visiting casinos while on holiday and there are numerous hotels and resorts built around these gaming meccas so players and their families can spend the whole vacation on-site.

While many gambling destinations are truly glamorous some have more history than others. Some others are best avoided, and some are downright strange. These days, legitimate casinos need to be licensed but some of these have done their best to avoid this hindrance.

Here are some of the most interesting gambling locations around the globe. If you enjoy some sightseeing on your holiday and have an interest in casinos then you might want to take some time out on your next trip to visit one of these.


What defines a gambling location?

The list here includes some very nice casino resorts but it also has some more dubious locations. However, all of these places either host or have hosted gambling activities. This can mean card games including poker, blackjack, or a full casino experience.

Whatever type of gambling establishment they may be they have all allowed members of the public to enter and wager money on an unknown outcome.

The most isolated casino in the world

The Argentinian Esperanza Base in Antarctica is a scientific research base. It is home to about 60 residents and is equipped with a school, gym, medical center, and believe it or not, a casino.

Seeing as this is one of the windiest places on earth it is not the most suitable place to visit for a game of cards. However, if you do fancy visiting and inspecting the casino there are ways to get to Hope Bay.

The most haunted casinos in the world

With Las Vegas forever being tied to the Mob it may not be so surprising that several casinos claim to be haunted here. The desert areas in Nevada are said to be full of holes where problems were buried. Sometimes, these ‘problems’ come back.

One infamous mobster who was heavily involved in the development of Vegas was Bugsy Seigel. He had a vision of Las Vegas that he didn’t live to see but he did get to open the Flamingo Casino which still stands today.

It seems that Bugsy may have loved the casino so much that after he was shot dead in 1947 his spirit chose to return. Guests have reported sightings of Bugsy’s ghostly specter and staff have even quit after encountering him.

Underwater casinos

Shipwreck Park in Florida is home to a sunken casino that is intended for divers to explore and is a welcome attraction to the many visitors who arrive each year. However, if you wanted to gamble underwater you would have to look elsewhere.

Blacktip Island in the Caribbean attracted some entrepreneurs around 3 years ago. Sub-Dudes built an underwater casino just off the shore of Blacktip Island to circumvent gambling laws.

The structure was built with the local government’s knowledge but without admitting the true purpose of the building. The local police were swift to warn visitors that if they came to Blacktip with the intention of gambling they would be arrested.

If you are overseas and want to gamble in a place that has restrictions then use an online casino to play your favorite games such as blackjack, poker, and slots.

The biggest casino hotel in the world

While Dubai has the tallest hotel in the world you will have to travel to Malaysia if you want to stay in the biggest.

Travel north of Kuala Lumpur and go 1,800 feet above sea level to the Genting Highlands and you will not only enjoy incredibly clean air but see the 7,000 plus room First World Hotel.

Genting Highlands is home to the only place you can gamble legally in Malaysia but luckily the resort is so big and situated in fantastic scenery that you don’t need to go anywhere else. The hotel lost its title of the biggest hotel for a while but has now reclaimed its Guinness Book of Records entry.

Most likely to encounter wildlife

Sun City Resort in South Africa can offer something that many other casinos cannot; the Big Five. The casino resort has a world-class water park, nightclub, entertainment centers, and of course all the casino games you could wish for, but it also has wildlife.

Because Sun City is located near Pilanesberg National Park, visitors can take a safari and see wildlife in natural habitats. The big five include the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, and buffalo. If you visit this casino, see if you can spot them all.

The most historic casino

Only Madrid can offer you the oldest restaurant in the world, but Venice can give you the oldest casino. Casino di Venezia was originally opened in 1638 to entertain theatre visitors during intervals. It has gone through several incarnations including being home to the composer Wagner but is now a fully functioning casino.

Fortunately, many of the original features are still intact including ornate decorations and original wooden doors.

The dodgiest gambling dens in the world

Anyone who has visited, or rather, passed through PoiPet on the Cambodian/Thai border may have been offered a chance to visit a local casino.

The town can be dangerous to walk around at night, is full of scammers and pickpockets, and is used for smuggling. Generally, it is best avoided, especially when promoters tell you that you can gamble in their casinos without cash or collateral. You have to wonder what the consequences will be when you lose.

Many countries have underground gambling dens and sometimes they may just be groups of like-minded people playing poker. However, there are strict laws on gambling in nearly every country and it is always best to use a reputable casino. The beste online casino games can be played safely and with the knowledge that your poker game is fully licensed.


There are many more past and present, strange and weird casinos in the world including the old casino in Nevada State Prison, the haunted Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, and underground London spielers of yesteryear.


Wherever your gambling excursion takes you, play safely and legally, and if unsure then maybe just stick to online casinos.

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