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Best Places To Visit In Spain

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe. This is not a surprise because the country boasts of wonderful people, landscapes, and culture. Once you’re in Spain and hire a car rental service at Malaga airport, below are some of the best places to visit in Spain:



Madrid is one of the most electrifying cities in Spain. The Spanish capital is a hot spot for tourists and fun-seekers. The City is known for its wonderful nightlife and exciting landscapes. Madrid has one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Europe and is home to the world-famous Prado Museum and one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world — Real Madrid CF.


Seville provides an ambiance of elegance and splendor. Hiring a car rental service at Malaga airport to Seville is affordable and swift. In Seville, there are numerous outdoor cafes and horse carriages are seen across every street corner in the city.


Perhaps the most popular city in Spain after Madrid, Barcelona is known for its cultural history. The city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wonderful tourist centers including the Picasso Museum. To verify the cultural history of the city, you can visit some locations that have been existing for hundreds of years. You can also visit the popular La Barceloneta beach and the Park Güel, to enjoy the exciting outdoor experiences in the city.


Granada has an obvious dissimilarity with other Spanish regions. This is due to the Arabic influence in this part of Spain. Granada has a long history connecting the city to the Moorish Empire. In Granada, you will find a lot of tapas bars, Arab bathhouses, and Moroccan tea cafes. While in Granada, you will get a rare chance to explore two entirely different cultures at the same time.


It’s impossible to make a list of the top places to visit in Spain without mentioning Mallorca. It is perhaps one of the most attractive Spanish cities. In Mallorca, you will find beautiful beaches, sophisticated towns, and other outdoor locations. You can have fun in the blue waters of Playa de Muro and visit Serra de Tramuntana.

Although there are many beautiful places to visit in Spain, the ones listed above have a lot of exciting things to offer to visitors. You can easily find car rental Malaga airport services to take you where you want to go.

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