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Top 5 Water Parks in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state in north eastern periphery of the United States which flaunts excellent quality seafood as its specialty. If you thought this was the end of the state’s speciality, make sure you plan a visit this American territory at least once during the summers. One can find some of the most mesmerizing and fun-filled water parks in Connecticut State. Along with contemporary thrills, these water parks offer longevity and some history with the existence. So, without wasting a moment let’s take a look at the best water parks in Connecticut that offer a great place to escape from the summer heat and hectic work schedule.


1. Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, Portland

Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, Portland

A place that captures the very essence of fun and adventure and curates them into a vast expanse of land and water aptly describes the beauty this water park is. When it comes to outdoor water parks in Connecticut, Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park has been tagged as the center for sports adventures such as diving, high flying and being the part of that big water splash. This place makes up for one of the most interactive family water parks in Connecticut with the wide area covered by a large lake. When at Brownstone, you get to decide how adventurous your day should be. You can indulge in zip lining or rock climbing to take a peek at the world from a different angle. What’s more, you can opt to swim in the lake or ride a canoe along with your family.

Address : 161 Brownstone Ave, Portland, CT 06480, USA

Phone Number : +1 866-860-0208

Website : https://brownstonepark.com/

Ticket Pricehttps://brownstonepark.com/park-passes/

2. Wolcott Park, West Hartford

Wolcott Park, West Hartford

The Wolcott Park at West Hartford is not your traditional water park but it is no less than any other in terms of fun. Among the indoor water parks in Connecticut, this particular park ensures that your kids have a great day with some unforgettable memories. Wolcott takes care of the curiosity of your child with a range of activities that can be planned for the whole day. The best thing about this water park is a “Splash Pad” which is the safest way to have some fun for your young ones. It ranks as one of the well-known water parks around ct.

Address : 1341 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110, USA

Phone Number : +1 860-561-7510

Website : https://www.westhartfordct.gov/gov/departments/leisure/parks_n_pools.asp

Ticket Price : Click on the Above Link

3. Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury

Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury

When it comes to water theme parks in Connecticut, nothing can beat the popularity held by this amazing park. The part has been sectioned with regards to specific age-groups and their requirements. While the adults love to opt for the pool and big slides along with the tube-rides, the younger ones have fun in the shallow waters with small rides aptly designed for the innocent ones. It is one of the biggest water parks in ct. Well the fun doesn’t end here. The kids with the youngest age get an incredible Saturation Station that comes with inventive sprinklers along with buckets full of fun making it one of the cool water parks in ct.

Address : 2132 Middlebury Rd, Middlebury, CT 06762, USA

Phone Number : +1 203-758-2913

Website : www.quassy.com

Ticket Pricehttp://www.quassy.com/buy-amusement-park-tickets/

4. Lake Compounce, Bristol

Lake Compounce in Bristol

If you have been searching for free water parks in Connecticut, the state provides you with many amazing options for the same. This water park resort in Connecticut is designed for ample fun with family and friends as well as a solo trip. It is one of the biggest water park in ct. Starting from a head slide, the water park houses group tibes, lazy floating and many similar wet as well as dry rides for a great weekend getaway. Kids looking for fun water parks in ct should definitely visit this water park once to play inside whale stomach with parents lounging just on the side.

Address : 186 Enterprise Dr, Bristol, CT 06010, USA

Phone Number : +1 860-583-3300

Website : www.lakecompounce.com

Ticket Pricewww.lakecompounce.com/plan-a-visit/tickets-and-passes

5. Ocean Beach Park, New London

Ocean Beach Park, New London

Largely known for the weddings and music events held at this sun-kissed beach, the Ocean Beach Park has many hidden terrains to be discovered. Folks looking for cheap water parks in ct should definitely give this place a try. What makes this place stand out from the rest is the gigantic swimming pool that is similar to the ones used in Olympics. Being one of the top ranking water parks in South Connecticut, Ocean Beach Park houses small cumulation of waterslides along with Spray Park.

Address : 98 Neptune Ave, New London, CT 06320, USA

Phone Number : +1 860-447-3031

Website : http://ocean-beach-park.com

Ticket Pricehttp://ocean-beach-park.com/park-info/admission-and-parking-prices/

With a well constructed collection of heavenly water parks, Connecticut attracts visitors from all over the country while providing amazing take back tales that are unforgettable. Make sure these water parks are a part of your itinerary as well.

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