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Top 10 Water Parks in Orlando

When we visit a new city or even a new country, one of the top experiences that most people love to have is to enjoy the adventure and theme parks of that place. Water parks are a great way to relax, cool down and have a great time- be it with adults or with kids. This time when you visit Orlando, make sure to visit some of the best water parks in Orlando area. Not sure which ones those are? Don’t worry! Here is a list of some of our favourite water parks in Orlando Florida.


1. Aquatica Sea World’s Water Park

Aquatica Sea World’s Water Park, Orlando

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment own their very own chain of water parks which is known to most as Aquatica. Aquatica is one of the biggest water parks in Orlando where you can enjoy fun rides and basking in the sun with your toes dipped in the water. You can spend an entire day in this magical water park as it offers you everything from innovative rides to food stalls and dining deals! This is definitely one of the most favourite outdoor water parks in Orlando for both kids as well as adults. For those looking for affordable water parks in Orlando, Aquatica is a must visit for those looking for water parks in Orlando open in January!

Address : Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark™ Orlando 5800 Water Play Way Orlando, FL 32821

Phone Number : 407-545-5550


Ticket Pricehttps://aquaticabyseaworld.com/en/orlando/book-online/tickets/annual-pass

2. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Orlando

If you are looking for hotels with water parks in Orlando area, what could be better than Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park?  Bring your family and friends along to enjoy some of the best water rides under the warm, Florida sun. The water slides are so exciting that you will want to go on them again and again, reliving your childhood with your friends! If you would like to try your hand at some surfing, this is just the place for you at one of the best water parks in Orlando Florida! And don’t worry; if you suddenly get ravenously hungry, the water park has a dining area for you to feast in before you get ready for your next ride! One of our favourite outdoor water parks in Orlando is definitely Disney’s!

Address : 1145 East Buena Vista Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32830, United States

Phone Number : +1 407-560-4120


Ticket Pricehttps://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/

3. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Orlando

Another one of the best hotels with water parks in Orlando area is Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. What makes this water park so special? Well, it was once a ski-resort which has melted away to turn into one of the most fantastic water parks in Orlando Florida area. One of the best features about this water park is that it features a beautiful sandy white beach where you can just unwind and relax, if you aren’t too keen on the water rides. This is one of the only water parks in Orlando for toddlers where even children under 48 inches are allowed to splash around and have a great time on their own.

Address : 1534 Blizzard Beach Drive, Orlando, FL 32836, United States

Phone Number : 407) 939-5277


Ticket Pricehttps://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/

4. Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay, Orlando

Looking for the best water parks in Orlando for adults? Located beyond the Krakatau volcano in Orlando, this water park ensures you enjoy your water rides even during cold, winter months! How? The heated lava underneath the volcano ensures that the water temperate is always warm and comfortable for you! A waterproof wrist accessory that is available only in this water park makes it so unique from the rest of the water parks in Orlando Florida area. From dining, to shopping, to relaxing on the beach, there isn’t much that you won’t find in one of the most popular water parks in Orlando in December!

Address : 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone Number : +1 407-363-8000


Ticket Price : Click on the Above Link

5. Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove, Orlando

One of the sisters of Aquatica Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove is hands down on of the best water parks in Orlando area. One of its kind, this water park has a tropical atmosphere with live animals and birds with whom you can interact! The perfect all-day adventure for all animal and water lovers, Discover Cove is one of those few water parks in Orlando open in January. From playing with the dolphins, to otters, to snorkelling with tropical fish, and complimentary lunch and breakfast, Discover Cove is one of the best water parks in Orlando Florida where you can spend an entire day, and even more!

Address : 6000 Discovery Cove Way, Orlando, FL 32821, USA

Phone Number : 407-513-4600


Ticket Pricehttps://discoverycove.com/en/packages-and-pricing

6. Universal’s Islands of Adventures

Universal’s Islands of Adventures, Orlando

Known as one of the best and biggest water parks in Orlando, what less could one expect from Universal Studios! The theme of this park revolves around an air of mystery and suspense, as guests must visit small islands in search of adventure. Universal’s largest investment- this theme park magnifies the feeling of adventure and exploration as guests enjoy rides, coasters, slides and some of the best water parks in Orlando for adults and kids alike!

Address : 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone Number : +1 407-224-4233


Ticket Price : Click on the above link

7. Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island, Orlando

On the prowl for affordable water parks in Orlando for a family trip? Shipwreck Island should top your list! This water park has more than enough entertainment options for adults and their little ones alike. What’s more, Shipwreck island is known for their fine selection of mouth-watering burgers, pizzas and hot-dogs for you to snack on when you are hungry. While Shipwreck is one of the few closed water parks in Orlando in December, you will find it open on other months to enjoy to the fullest!

Address : 7700 Westgate Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747, USA

Phone Number : 1-800-611-2863


Ticket Pricehttps://www.westgatereservations.com/resorts/orlando/

8. CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort

CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort, Orlando

For those looking for indoor water parks in Orlando, you have hit the jackpot! CoCO Key Hotel & Water Resort offers it all! From world class amenities, to super fun water rides, fun family events and birthday parties, and so much more! Not just that, you can enjoy an on-site convenience store and fitness centre as well. Being one of the cheapest water parks in Orlando does have its perks- they attract hundreds of guests per day!

Address : 7400 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone Number : 877-875-4681


Ticket Pricehttps://www.cocokeyorlando.com/orlando-water-park/water-park-day-passes-hours/

9. Epcot

Epcot, Orlando

Owned by Walt Disney Resort, Epcot is seen as a permanent world fair. The themed pavilions represent a different country each and are quite interesting to explore. Travel the entire world, go to space, and go under the sea with the magical water parks in Orlando for toddlers at Epcot. One of the water parks in Orlando open in February, Epcot is a magical place to be any time of the year.

Address : 200 Epcot Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32821, USA

Phone Number : (407) 939-5277


Ticket Pricehttps://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/

10. Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando Watersports Complex

If you are looking for the most popular water park in the world, head on over to Orlando Watersports Complex. One of the few water parks in Orlando in December, even during the glaring cold, Orlando Watersports Complex ensures that you are provided with all the facilities to have fun in the water. With fun rides as well as boating lessons, this is a must visit cheap water park in Orlando cheap!

Address : 8615 Florida Rock Rd, Orlando, FL 32824, USA

Phone Number : +1 407-251-3100


Ticket Pricehttp://www.aktionparks.com/orlando-watersports-complex/owc-book-now/

This is a list of some of the best and cheapest water parks in Orlando. They also feature a few indoor water parks in Orlando for those who prefer to enjoy their rides inside.

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