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Here’s why Sardinia should be next on your list

Sardinia is the second-largest Mediterranean island, located west of mainland Italy and to the south of Corsica. Due to its reputation for not being a mainstream Mediterranean holiday destination, it boasts thousands of miles of unspoilt coastline with stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and dramatic geological landscapes. As well as its stunning natural features, this island has plenty to offer in terms of history, culture and traditions, making it a great destination for your next getaway.


Travelling there is easy

Sardinia offers several main regions for flights to come in and out of, including Olbia, Alghero and Cagliari. A range of airlines offers regular flights to these areas, especially in the warmer months from April to October. Travellers can expect the airports to have ATMs and information kiosks in the arrival halls to cover all their money and travel needs. These airports offer various styles of shuttle to the closest town centre. Olbia has regular bus shuttles lasting 10 minutes, Alghero has a 20-minute local bus ride, and Cagliari has a local train that connects the airport to the town centre within 10 minutes.

Travelling there is easy

These three towns also have a nearby port for cruises to arrive into, and there is usually a transfer provided to take travellers to the nearest tourist attractions for the day.

An alternative to mainstream tourist hubs

Sardinia has remained one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets, bringing in tourists each year without becoming overruled by bustling crowds. Despite the island’s status as the second-largest in the Mediterranean, it has a population of just 1.6 million. This means much of the island is unpopulated, allowing tourists masses of rugged mountain ranges and nature reserves to explore. Sardinia’s laid back lifestyle makes it a quiet and tranquil location to visit, great for adults who need to wind down or families who are wanting to explore.

The food is incredible

Sardinia’s traditional cuisine largely revolves around meat and food preservation. Bread is a common part of Sardinian culture, and one specialty is Chivarzu, bread made by the local women and often eaten alongside game or wild pig. Spit-roasted pig is commonplace across the island and something many travellers enjoy indulging in. Another traditional method of cooking meat on the island is caraxiu. This method involves digging a hole in the ground, placing a grill inside before burying a small animal inside – a style of the primitive oven.

Other traditional foods to try in Sardinia include fish that is preserved in a package made from leaves, and sheep’s cheeses such as Pecorino Sardo and Fiore Sardo. Fish is caught fresh by skilled fishermen on the coast, from delicious tuna to indulgent lobster – travellers should expect to eat plenty of amazing seafood.

Sardinia’s strong flavoured food is best washed down with beautiful Sardinian wine. The most popular types include Cannonau, Giro, Malvasia, and Vernaccia. You should also try the traditional digestive liquor made from berries, Mirto.

The activities are endless

Sardinia is not short of things to do, making it a fun destination for families as well as couples looking for a romantic getaway. Wine tours in Cagliari offer incredible and broad wine tasting experiences, allowing you to visit some of Sardinia’s most prestigious wineries. Certain boat tours will allow you to experience one of the world’s most beautiful hidden wonders – the Maddalena Archipelago. Take a boat tour from Palau, which will guide you through the area’s fascinating history and nature, as well as introducing you to hidden white sand beaches.

The activities are endless

A Segway tour is another fun way to see Cagliari (Sardinia’s capital), with tours exploring all the main sights within 2.5 hours. Other fun tours involve original Fiat 500s and Tuk Tuks.

One of the best ways for travellers to immerse themselves in Sardinian culture is to take a countryside home cooking class. These classes usually take place within a traditional country house and teach you how to make some of the region’s most renowned delicacies!

There’s accommodation to suit all budgets

Another great selling point for this spectacular island is that there is such a varied range of accommodation offerings. The hotels range from small family-run B&Bs, to larger luxury spa hotels that offer a peaceful and tranquil base for your travelling. Sardinia has lots of rentals available, from apartments to villas, so there’s a rental to suit your tastes, desired location and budget. Prices range depending on where on the island you want to stay, but the capital of Cagliari offers a whole host of reasonably priced options and plenty of things to do.

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