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Top 10 Tricks to Book the Cheapest Flights

The process of looking for flight tickets at the lowest price humanly possible gets too tiresome to cope with. However, even after such a hustle, getting done with the booking seems next to impossible. With the prices fluctuating, rummaging through the search engines in search of frugal flight ticket bookings becomes an overwhelming way before the real journey starts.  But, with the help of some of the trip advisors like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, FlightHub, Yatra.com, KAYAK, etc. you can make this process a little simpler.

Top 10 Tricks to Book the Cheapest Flights

We have gathered up with some tips and tricks that you can take into consideration while booking your flight tickets.


1. Your Searches must remain a top secret

Your Searches must remain a top secret

Make sure to get all your searches done in an incognito tab or switch to private browsing mode when looking for flight bookings. Let us tell you that you are not particularly crazy about feeling that the flight charges keep on increasing every time you look for them. This is because, based on the cookies of your browsing history, if you keep looking for flight tickets repeatedly for a particular route, the site wanting to scare into ticket booking increases the rate of the flights way before the prices truly increase.

2. Make use of suitable search engines for flight booking

Make use of suitable search engines for flight booking

The rates of the flight tickets are particularly high when browsed through some search engines as they take a cut from the airline services. You must make use of search engines such as Skyscanner, Cheapoair, Google Flights, FlightHub, JetRadar, Kiwi.com, etc., for the booking of your flight tickets.

3. Take note of the discounted day to fly

Take note of the discounted day to fly

While myths about booking a flight ticket on a Tuesday go around like a viral disease, in reality, nothing as such is true. We have measured the statistics and concluded that usually on weekdays, the rates for flying are low, albeit this cannot be applied in every case. Before you book a ticket, make sure to take a quick visual of the prices of the tickets for the entire month. In this way, you will be able to locate the cheapest days to fly in a better way.

4. Look out for sale fares and airline errors

Look out for sale fares and airline errors

While the airlines are posting the rates of the tickets online, they sometimes make some errors, which lead to shockingly cheap flight tickets. The mistakes can occur due to several reasons, including –technical glitches, human error, or mishaps in the conversion of currencies. If you have a proper insight into error fares made by the airlines, you can save some serious bucks on ticket bookings.

5. Book the connecting flights all by yourself

Book the connecting flights all by yourself

If you are flying from one place to another that involves connecting flights, you might consider the booking of these flights separately. That will cost you cheaper. But, one thing you must take care of is, never book your connecting flights with a tight schedule. You must do your research properly about the rates and the timings (including time difference) of the flights prior to finalizing on the tickets.

6. Jinx up airline companies

Jinx up airline companies

No one says that you need to follow a specific pattern for the booking of your airline tickets. There is no particular reason as to why you must only and only travel with a particular airline company when you can mix and match them and get your tickets at a lower price. For instance, if you are flying from Australia to India, when you look for any typical airlines, you will only get the suggestions of a single route coming from either your selected airline or their partners. However, if you keep your options open, the possibilities of different routes increase.

7. Hidden city ticketing is another option

Hidden city ticketing is another option

There is a trick that travellers had discovered a long time ago –the concept of hidden city flight booking. In a nutshell, if you take a direct flight to your desired destination, it is going to cost you more instead of taking a connecting flight and getting down at the city you wanted to go to in the first place. But, doing this can be particularly risky for some reasons like:

  • If you have checked in with your luggage, it will end up in the final destination
  • You might not be allowed to get off the flight
  • Airlines will eventually find out that you did not take your connecting flight

However, there are various websites now that help you locate the hidden city flight tickets. If only you want to take a chance.

8. Make a bulk purchase

Make a bulk purchase

This rule applies to every purchase you make. When you are booking your tickets in bulk, it is natural that you are going to get a handsome amount of discount on the prices. But, this will only be applicable if you book your ticket with the same airline or with their alliance. You can also make use of the benefit of the multi-city flights. You can either make use of the local passes or tickets for around the world in order to get a heavy discount.

9. Take the local airlines into consideration

Take the local airlines into consideration

While you can make use of the search engines mentioned above, most of them exclude the small airlines that are less popular. This occurs in the less populated outs or the remote regions. With the help of Google search, if you are planning on flying to an obscure destination, make sure to locate about its regional airlines. However, in some cases, even if you can find out the local airlines, you might have to pay to check them out.

10. Plan your trip ahead of time

Plan your trip ahead of time

The rates of the airline tickets start increasing as your departure date nears. If you have your plans made ahead of time, it will be beneficial for you to book the tickets. You will find various airlines offering a baseline price when you make your booking way before your flying date.

Bottom Line

While travelling can be fun, tasks like booking the cheapest flight tickets can interfere with your merry mood. Do not let your budget confine you from venturing the world. Book your tickets by making use of these ten fun tricks.

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