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Y-40 The Deep Joy, Italy – World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

If you love swimming and diving, this will probably come as a great news for you given the fact that you can enjoy a deep and adrenaline pumping dive into Y-40 which is the world’ deepest pool designed for diving. This particular pool is located inside a 4-Star hotel named “Hotel Terme Millepini” which is located at Padua in Italy. The Y-40 pool is also known as the “Deep Joy”. It was opened for the public use in the year 2014 during the month of June. The designer of this record holder is named Emanuele Boaretto.

Y-40 The Deep Joy, Italy - World's Deepest Swimming Pool

When we talk about the specifications of Y-40, it is about 40 metres deep which is about 131 feet giving it the tag of the deepest swimming and a diving pool. At a single go, the pool can house about 4,300 cubic metres or 1,136,000 gallons of water which is kept between the temperature ranging from 32 to 34 degree Celsius. Apart from being the deepest in the entire world, this particular pool features special inclusions such as underwater caves, along with an underwater tunnel that is suspended as well as transparent for the visiting tourists to take a walk through it. The pool includes platforms that can be used at an array of depths that stars from 4.3 feet rising all the way up to 39 feet.

Y-40 The Deep Joy, Italy - The Deepest Swimming Pool in the World

As a visitor, you can opt to get tickets for scuba diving and freedive from the hotel itself. Before the pool was opened for use, the depth of Y-40 was measured by Umberto Pelizzari who is an Italian freediver. Before Y-40 bagged the title by Guiness Book of World Records, the title was held by Nemo 33 which is a pool located in Belgium.

As the temperature in the entirety of the pool is kept at average room temperature, the divers opting to explore the depths of this pool do not have to wear the wet suits as they dive inside the Y-40. The pool is open for use only during certain days of the week that include Monday, Tuesday, Fri, Saturday, and Sunday. The pool remains close on Wednesday and Thursdays.

If you are new to free diving or scuba, you can opt to learn it from the instructors who provide classes from basic to advanced courses that come along with proper certifications. The pool also features a total of 4 underwater caves that make it look more and more like sea. Feel like a mermaid roaming around in the deep seas when scuba diving inside the Y-40. When looking at the pool from top, you will get the feeling of looking at a pool that is completely bottomless. The tunnel that is located underwater runs right from the pool’s centre giving the visitors a beautiful scenario to look at. The pool opens up various chances for people interested in water sports and looking for jobs. You can get trained as a instructor for scuba diving and free-diving from well-known names that teach you the nits and bits of diving with a certified course.

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