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Spreuerhofstraße – World’s Narrowest Street!

Spreuerhofstraße street located at Germany might be the worst nightmare of someone suffering from claustrophobia. Spreuerhofstraße has been recognized as one of the narrowest streets in the entire globe in a city inside Germany named Reutlingen. The street ranges between a width of 12.2 inches to 19.7 inches which is its widest portion. Although it looks like a small alleyway, the citizens claim it is a street that was a result of the improvised practices in architecture that were in trend during the 18th century. This lead to construction of buildings that squashed up against each other with minimal space in between making these European cities cramped and producing some of the narrowest streets in the world.

Spreuerhofstraße - World's Narrowest Street

However, this particular street mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records came into existence after the occurrence of a fire hazard in the year 1727. Spreuerhofstraße is a tightly packed street that looks like a tunnel extending to a length of more than 65 feet while the maximum width here is no bigger than a foot. One can fit a small child through this tunnel after hard press but having an adult pass through this street is a task next to impossible. The home dwellers are lucky not to have any door opening towards the street given the fact that it would have been useless as well as dangerous to any passersby.

Even if there isn’t much to look forward to in this street, folks from places such as America and Asia come down in swarms every year to see what the hype is all about. The street was tagged as a public street in the year 1820 by the administrator of the town hall.


The amazing fact about this street is that it is getting smaller with each passing day leading towards a total closure of the road. This is happening as one side of the wall making up sides of the street has been leaning slowly towards the other causing a gradual decrease in the space. Spreuerhofstraße could soon be removed from the tag of a street and simply referred to as an alley if the wall leans down to low disabling anyone from passing through it. Tearing down the house isn’t a feasible option given the fact that it will make the street to big to hold a record. The right answer here is prop up the building but neither the house owner nor the government authorities are ready to pay the bill. However, time is of essence here given the fact  that if nothing is done soon, the street will surely close down leading to loss of a major tourist attraction in the country.

Spreuerhofstraße - The Narrowest Street in the World

If you are planning on visiting this landmark in Germany, make sure you take a train to Reutlingen station after which you need to walk up to  the place named Gartenstrasse. A left  turn from here proceeding towards the south-eastern periphery up till the Mauerstrasse will take you to the sign that says Spreuerhofstraße.

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