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Umngot River, Dawki – A Hidden Paradise in Meghalaya

There is a little traveller in all of us which wants to move around and explore places. No one would deny to travel and visit different places. Indians, specifically, love to spend their vacations in out of country locations and get amazed by the beauty of other countries. Shockingly, our citizens do not realize that there are far better places to visit within the country. Here we have put together about one such place which can literally be said as the heaven on India- Dawki River or Umngot River located in Meghalaya.


Umngot River – Meghalaya’s Unexplored Paradise

Dawki, a small village famous for its green scenic landscape and the crystal clear water river. Located in the picturesque Meghalaya, the river flows slowly through the Khasi and the Jaintia Hills crossing through the India-Bangladesh border. The magic lies in the gorgeous river that flows out here. The prime reason behind the crystal clear water is the absence of pollution in the vicinity. The Dawki village has remained untouched by the waves of urbanization and does not constitute any factory or other sources of pollution.

Umngot River - Meghalaya's Unexplored Paradise

The river enclosed by lush green hills on both the sides, the cool breeze caressing your skin and the boat rowing on the transparent river presents a picturesque view. The emerald green water of the Dawki river is the major attraction for travellers and makes it a unique destination in the country. The view is so amazing that it seems like the boats are floating on air without any water beneath. If this does not seem magical to you, then I don’t know what is.

Umngot River, Meghalaya

It’s evident from the surface that there are colourful gemstones hidden away underwater. And the river bed is strewn with deep round stones and pebbles that adds a magical look to the river. Mysterious alcoves- the kinds that elves and fairies hide in are spotted around the shimmering river. The moist walls of the tiny grooves almost look like inviting you to come and explore. To your surprise, the moment the river starts entering the Bangladesh border its path is filled with boulders and rocks and also the colour starts changing.

Umngot River, Dawki - A Hidden Paradise in Meghalaya

One of the most tempting tourist activity here is boating through the Dawki river which costs around 400-500 INR which is worth spending. You can have the best moment of your life here just by enjoying the orange juice which is from this village while boating. You encounter sparkling cascades dropping down from stunning hills that are covered with green trees as you float along. A major part of the Dawki population is constituted by the ‘Khasi’ people, famous for their hostile behaviour. Fishing and tourism are the two main occupations of the villagers. Women, children, the young and aged people spend most of their times in the river with fishing rods in their hands. The fish from this river is mouth-watering and tastes different from other fishes. Absence of pollution might be the reason behind it. Stunning, beautiful and unbelievable! Even these words cannot describe what an amazing place it is to spend time with your family. To get a perfect effect of the view, take pictures standing on the suspension bridge and you will cherish the memories forever.

How to Reach

Nested along the India-Bangladesh border, this small village, Dawki, is a hot spot for trade and a lovely fairyland as well. It is close to the cleanest village of Asia– Mawlynnong. Popularly known as Dawki river, it’s actually called as Umngot River sited in West Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya, India. Let’s see how to reach this river.

By Air: Guwahati’s Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Dawki. It takes about 5 hours 11 minutes to cover the distance of 195km between Guwahati airport and Dwaki. Private vehicles are available to take you to your destination.

By Train: The nearest railhead is at Guwahati. You need to take the road route from Guwahati railway station via Shillong to reach Dawki. You have to cover the distance of about 173 km which takes about 4 hours 45 mins to reach by road.

By Road: Situated in the south-eastern border of Meghalaya it is around 82km south of Shillong. Rented cab or private vehicle is the best way to reach Dawki by road. Renting motorbike is also an option for bike lovers.

Location Map

Undoubtedly it is the best serene and tranquil place to spend your vacations away from the hectic hustle and bustle of life. Though you might have seen the place in pictures, the feeling you get in real cannot be expressed in words. This place is very different from other regular tourist spots. You should definitely once pay a visit to this place to experience what a fairyland is. The memories will be etched in your heart forever.

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