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The Famous Diamond Crossing of Nagpur

Have you ever heard about zero miles? Well, the winter capital city Nagpur is also called zero miles because it is the only city in the country where North, South, East and West connect. The local Railway authorities have named this place as Diamond Crossing as this is the point where two railway lines intersect.


Introduction to the Diamond Crossing

In a Diamond Crossing(known as Level Junction), the tracks cross each other, but the rails from either track cannot change the track. Slips are provided to allow vehicles to change their tracks. The arrangement of the slip can be either a single slip or double slip.

Diamond Crossing of Nagpur

The British considered Nagpur as the geographic centre point of undivided India. Thus, Nagpur railway station was named zero miles, as it remarked the centre of undivided India.

Which are the railway lines that meet at Nagpur junction railway station?

Three major rail routes meet at the junction.  One is from East, the Howrah from Gondia – Rourkela Raipur line. The second one comes from the north, all the way from New Delhi. The last rail line moves towards the south, along with the trains to both the west and the south.

Diamond Crossing Nagpur

The Diamond Crossing is very rarely found in the country. The one which is in Nagpur is formed by two double lines crossing each other, not necessarily from the same gauge.

Few unknown facts about Diamond Crossing

Though, the Diamond Crossing is rarest of the rare sight. It is important to discuss a few hidden facts to get an accurate idea regarding its truth. The Diamond Crossing is formed when the service line crosses over the Gondia line to connect the main line towards Delhi.

Few unknown facts about Diamond Crossing

The actual fact is that the railway line splits into two separate lines, the west of Mumbai and to the south ( Kazipet) at Wardha which is around 80 km away. And just one of these lines form part of the Diamond Crossing. The other track forming the Diamond Crossing is just a service branch line, which lies parallel to the Nagpur Freight yard.

Incident of train derailing at Diamond Crossing

The two coaches of Nizamuddin-Bilaspur Gondwana express were derailed at the Diamond Crossing, near the main railway station in 2006. As the train was running behind schedule it happened to jump off the track. Luckily, no one was injured in this incident.

Diamond Crossing after getting restructured

Diamond Crossing after getting restructured

The Diamond Crossing of Nagpur’s Itarsi-Bilaspur area was restructured in the year 2007.The old wooden sleepers in the intersection was replaced with the cement ones. Moreover, few tracks were also renewed. The restructuring helped to reinforce safety measures as well as in the long run speed of trains. This city has experienced more benefits after the Diamond Crossing has been restructured. However, the new structure will cost less on maintenance as well as avoid mishaps.

Nagpur as a place of tourism

Apart from Diamond Crossing, Nagpur is a popular tourist destination. Though Nagpur is a small city making its way towards commercialisation, it has a lot to discover. It also offers a delicious variety of oranges to its visitors. Moreover, it is a gateway to many National parks and reserves. The Pench National Park and Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve are the most famous.

Deekshabhoomi Nagpur

The mandarian oranges of high quality grown in Nagpur are souvenirs to carry back home. The best places to add to your itinerary is Nagzira wildlife Sanctuary, Majid Gharib Nawaz, Buddha Park, Ghat Road, Deekshabhumi, Janardhan Swami Temple, Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple, Lata Mangeshkar musical garden and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru National Park.

How to reach Diamond Crossing of Nagpur?

One can reach this place by local bus, car or autoriksha. The nearest railway station is around 500 m from the end of the Nagpur railway platform, going towards north. The nearest airport is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport.

Location Map

If you or your kids love trains then you need to make a stop and visit Diamond Crossing of Nagpur. One can observe the operating trains that run through and criss-cross at the diamond point. You will find a few places in the world where two major railroads cross, and the Diamond Crossing of Nagpur is one of them. So, if you are looking for something interesting, to do with your kids or visiting relatives, then make a quick trip to Diamond Crossing of Nagpur and indulge in the rich history of Indian Railways.

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