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Top Must-Visit Asian Destinations Of The Rich

Have you ever dreamt of living like those people in the movies who seem to have it all? If yes, then you must know how much beauty there is out there. Most people long to see the whole world, and we know exactly why.

However, the way to success isn’t that easy. You can choose to work day and night, or you could just win the lottery. Here are some top must-visit destinations of the rich you might want to check out after winning the lottery:



India is the hub of diverse cultures and beautiful traditions. From festivals to food, the country shows such variations that are honestly breathtaking. If you are looking to learn about new cultures, then India is the place for you.

The country can be enjoyed at any point in time, be it summers or winters. It is recommended that you visit the most popular cities, at least if not all. Below is the list of cities that will never disappoint:

  • Delhi
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Shimla
  • Varanasi

Home to the Taj Mahal, India is best known for its cuisine and its extraordinary restaurants. So, make sure you visit the following during your tour:

  • Orient Express – Fine Dining, New Delhi
  • Wasabi By Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
  • Ocean – The Private Dining Room – Sahara Star, Mumbai
  • Royal Vega – ITC Grand Chola, Chennai
  • Souk – The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
  • Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad


Japan is already a dream for people who have been familiar with anime. The enthralling country never fails to turn all eyes towards itself. The landscape of the country, along with its architecture, is so captivating that you’d never want to leave. Moreover, the country is the home to Studio Ghibli.

Japan has been known for its technological advancements. You can visit their famous hotels and robotic exhibitions. The country is so linked with tech that you can find it even in their public toilets.

The country has been considered one of the safest, too. Its low crime rates make it suitable for everyone to visit. Japan is truly the place for everyone since you get everything there.


Not many people think of Indonesia while making their bucket list, but it is one of the richest experiences Asia has to offer. The country has several pristine beaches and forests. Moreover, it is filled with cultures of all sorts.

The country helps people explore their relationship with nature. Besides, the active volcanoes of the country are a sight to see. Bali has been one of the most beloved spots in Indonesia.

The beaches and the hotels are something one should experience at least once. While it is argued the country isn’t expensive, it’d cost you a lot to enjoy all its luxury.


Anyone who is looking to go to the best of beaches should visit Thailand. The country is famous for its Monkey Beach and Freedom beach. The food that Thailand offers will leave you licking your fingers and asking for more.

Thailand is a treat for people who love going on adventures. The nightlife and treks Thailand has will make you wish you lived there. On the other hand, the country’s rich history makes it interesting for people who love to explore more.

Bangkok is the best of what Thailand provides. Here are some of the most expensive things you can do in Bangkok:

  • Book a room at Siam Kempinski’s ‘6-star’ Royal Suite.
  • Rent the Dome at the top of Lebua.
  • Travel through Bangkok’s traffic in a Lamborghini
  • Sign up to be a member of a gentlemen’s club
  • Shift to your hotel’s rooftop helipad
  • Order a Loro Piana Suit at Button Up Tailors
  • Buy a penthouse in MahaNakhon Tower

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