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Incredible Places in India

Punsari, Gujarat – India’s Smart Village

Punsari, Gujarat - India’s Smart Village

Even as the top name among the rising superpowers, India has always been struggling with its issues in terms of proper development. This is especially in the rural area. However, a remote village in the state of Gujarat has been a landmark example in terms of rapid change and progress …

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Madhavaram: India’s Military Village

Military Madhavaram - A Village with an Army Man in Every Household

A village which stands proudly amongst all the villages in India is Madhavaram of Andhra Pradesh. What makes this village so unique is that each household of this village has at least one person serving the valiant Indian army. Hence, the village is often referred to as Military Madhavaram. It …

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Tangra, Kolkata: India’s China Town

Tangra, Kolkata - India’s China Town

You might have come across different cultures, religions, and beliefs while traveling across India. But have you ever wondered you can visit a mini China amid all these? Do you want to come closer to Chinese culture without actually being in China? Then do visit the China Town of Kolkata, …

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