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Longwa – An Indian Village where Villagers enjoy Dual Citizenships

You might have seen in the movies about stepping foot across two different nations at the same time. Well, you can do this in real life too. That’s true. There exists a village in India where you can avail this opportunity of being at two different countries at the same moment. This village is Longwa Village of Nagaland which lies on the boundary of India and Myanmar. The people of this very unique village avail dual citizenship from both the countries. The village stands as a living example of harmony between two diverse nations.


Location of Longwa Village

The village is amongst the twenty-seven other villages that lie on the border of Myanmar. Longwa belongs to the district of Mon and is at half an hour drive from the Mon town. What makes this village so unusual and stand apart from the other villages sharing borders with both the countries is that the village shares large acres of land along the border.

Longwa Village, Nagaland - One Village, Two Nations

Apart from this, the most interesting fact about Longwa is that the border of the two nations divides the chief’s house exactly into two halves. Fascinating isn’t it? That’s not all. Many houses have their kitchen in Myanmar but their living rooms in India.

Spellbinding details of Longwa

This extraordinary village has a number of features that attract tourists from all over the world. The scenic beauty of this place located amongst the mountains is one of the most alluring characters that enchant the visitors. The lush green scenery, the panoramic sight of clouds floating through the mountains, the melody of birds, peace in the winds blowing through the area, and more; the beauty of the village is beyond description by words. Only the ones who have ever visited this area can feel the essence of purity in the air at Longwa.

Spellbinding details of Longwa Village

The tribal culture and tradition of this place are as idiosyncratic as the place. Their art, ideas, beliefs, manifestations, and social behavior are totally rare. The tribals residing at Longwa are known as Konyaks. They were originally hunters and gatherers and collected the heads of their enemies. It is an honor for the tribal to display the skulls as brass necklaces hung in their huts as a sign of bravery in wars. They have maintained their age-old traditions very well. The serene environment and the ambiance of the people together are unearthly.

Places to explore at the Longwa

Nestling amongst The Great Himalayas, this village is jeweled by Doyang River and Shilloi Lake. The Nagaland Science Center is a must visit while in Longwa. This place is very useful in imparting knowledge about science and technology, especially to the young ones. A vacation without shopping would be incomplete. You can get to fill your shopping bags at the Hong Kong Market at Dimapur, near to Longwa. The place is very famous for fetching foreign goods at cheap rates. There are a variety of shops along the streets where you can spend one evening picking up stylish dresses, shoes, bags, and more from this huge flea market.

Places to explore at the Longwa

Shilloi Lake is a land-locked lake surrounded by coniferous forests and pine trees all around. The picturesque vision of the lake is an instance of God’s existence on earth. Very close to the village is the defense camp of Assam Rifles. You can get to see the border of India ending at a pillar which is located at a few miles from the village. The pillar has “154 BP 1971-72” engraved on it. Opium cultivation in Nagaland has been a part of the culture since ages. Longwa still continues to grow opium here.

Best Time to Visit

The just right time to visit Longwa is during October and March. The weather during this time of the year is at its best. One can get to see the crop harvesting, tribal festivals and fairs too.

How to Reach

Although the place lies amongst the rugged topography of The Himalayas, a number of routes have been opened to make this area communicable to the main city. The border roads organization has maintained the roads quite well. One can take a flight or a train to Dimapur. The trains are well connected from Kolkata and Guwahati to this city. Once at Dimapur, there are buses that route to Mon town. The State Transportation Buses Corporation of Nagaland communicates further to Longwa. This might appear a long trip but it is worth it.

Location Map

Hop, jump, and travel across borders without any visa. The passport between two countries here is not on any pen and paper but within the hearts. Longwa is the best place to offer you a justified vacation. Why wait for anymore when you can do so much at Longwa, the village of two nations. Discover the feel of two countries that have come up together in harmony and peace at this village.

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