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Places in Dubai that You have to See to Believe

Dubai, and much of the United Arab Emirates for that matter, continues to develop, becoming bigger, better, and breaking new records. The emirate and its namesake capital of Dubai are central to this impressive and extravagant expansion, constantly and consistently breaking the boundaries of architecture.

However, the land in the Middle-East isn’t getting carried away with going all-in on achieving contemporary greatness; Dubai has also been steadfast to preserve and promote its cultural heritage. The mix of the old and the new has created a dynamic and unique setting in the infamous city. So, there are people from all over the world looking to immerse themselves in the grandiose environment.


Filled with modern and ancient wonder

Dubai’s triumphs are more accessible than you’d think

Dubai has become the home of so many individual human-made wonders of the world, that the city itself may soon have to be classed as the ultimate human-made wonder of the world.

Of course, among the most famous of Dubai’s collection of architectural triumphs are the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah. The former is credited by Britannica as being the world’s tallest building across all three main criteria of judging, standing as a building of residence, hospitality, and commercial ventures. The latter is a gigantic artificial archipelago that extends Dubai’s shoreline by 320 miles and is in the shape of a palm tree.

Many of these structures are for the necessity of accommodation and business, but the Dubai Frame certainly offers something a bit different. Standing 150 meters tall in Zabeel Park, the giant picture frame structure features a huge viewing gallery at the top, per The Guardian. In stark contrast, and just nine minutes north, the incredible heritage site of Al Fahidi invites people to explore its historic neighborhood.

Further modern feats of engineering can be contrasted to the preservation of Dubai’s heritage. The Dubai Marina is situated on a huge artificial canal and hosts Internet City and Media City. Further north and more inland, you’ll find the historic Dubai Creek, which was once known by the Greeks as River Zara. The creek is of tremendous significance to modern-day Dubai, Emirates details, with the governing family being descendants of the early settling Bani Yas tribe.

Dubai’s triumphs are more accessible than you’d think

Dubai’s triumphs are more accessible than you’d think

With so much money being pumped into the region, and such headline-catching structures being erected, many people just assume that they can’t experience anything more than a taste of Dubai. But, for as world-beating as the city is, it’s far from being an out-of-reach or inaccessible location – these structures haven’t been built as mere tourist attractions.

The city is famous for its open and welcoming persona to the world, inviting people not just to visit its many marvels, but also remain immersed in the unique city. That’s why there are so many affordable accommodation options available from Bayut, for example, which situate people amid these wonders of the world. There are top-class (as would be expected in Dubai) apartments available all over, from within the Burj Khalifa to Dubai Marina, by Dubai Creek to Palm Jumeirah itself.

As extravagant as it all seems, Dubai is not just seeking to make headlines and break records – it’s looking to be both incredibly appealing and sustainable. The city and the emirate are banking on themselves, building up their global presence and becoming one of the most desirable places in the world, not just to visit, but also live.

Dubai already rivals some of the most famous cities in the world for its density of incredible sights and experiences; so why not experience some of those for yourself?

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