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Mawsynram, Meghalaya – Wettest Inhabited Place on Earth

The season of monsoon is often associated with rejuvenation, which enables us to enjoy the freshness and beauty of Nature and lets us take a step back from the hectic schedule of life and allows us to de-stress. The rain lovers take solace in exquisite places like Mawsynram, which is the wettest inhabited place on Earth. And we are sure that you will fall in love with Mawsynram once you are done reading this blog. When the god of rain is summoning, it is time to take a detour of life and take some time off of the hustle-bustle of city life to have a refreshing break and let your soul relax.

Mawsynram, Meghalaya – Wettest Inhabited Place on Earth

So why don’t you plan on seeking shelter under the mesmerizing raindrops that fall on the land of Mawsynram, receiving the most torrential downpour on Earth? Come and drench yourself while making some beautiful memories by taking a trip to Mawsynram in Meghalaya. It is the perfect place to rejuvenate your soul in Nature’s lap. The climatic conditions and the cooling rainfall received in Mawsynram will tug at your heart and will keep you wanting more of the place.


The mysterious caves of Mawsynram

In the village of Mawsmai, you will encounter with the holy cave of the Khasis that is extended beyond 150 meters. For the ones who bear the exploring spirit, passing through this cave would be quite straightforward. It is an ideal destination for cave diving. So make sure not to miss out on a trip to the caves of Mawsmai village on your journey to Meghalaya.

The mysterious caves of Mawsynram

The caves are nestled only 6 km away from Cherrapunji, with some of the astonishing cave systems dipped in the elixir of mystery serving the purpose of a treat for the cave explorers. On entering the Khasis caves, you will find your figuratively teleported to another world. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about how you are going to find your way through this mystical land as the entire area is well lit and adds a glistening light on to the limestone rocks with which the dens are fabricated. It is such an experience, which you will carry in your hearts throughout your life.

The Maswmai Falls

The wettest land on Earth is not only fascinating because of the highest rainfall received here but because of the places that it has to offer to you for visiting. When you are taking a trip to Mawsynram, do not forget to see the Mawsmai Falls that are breathtakingly exquisite, inhabiting mesmerizing beauty.

The Maswmai Falls

The water smoothly cascades down the cliffs made of limestone named as the Khasi Hills. The Khasi Hills are perched at the height of more than a thousand feet above the ground. The Maswmai Waterfall is the fourth highest fall in the country, which is divided into seven segments. The Mawsmai Falls are located on the outskirts of Mawsynram and serve as a significant tourist spot.

Mawlynnong’s Root bridges

Mawlynnong’s Root bridges

Around 100 km from Mawsynram, there is a village named Mawlynnong where you will find the Root Bridges and you will be awestruck that’s a guarantee. UNESCO has declared the root bridges as a World Heritage Site and beholds ample importance, which needs to be preserved. You will regret your decision of not visiting the root bridges, which hangs on a river imparting a mythical land with magical appearance. The gigantic roots protruding of a single rubber tree connects with another encasing natural phenomenon creating an appealing look that enthralls the beholder.

Why does Mawsynram receive the highest rainfall in the world?

The village of Mawsynram that is perched atop the Khasi Hills of India in the northeast region, receives the highest rainfall on Earth. If we look at the measurements –about 467 inches of rain is received in Mawsynram a year, which accounts for thirteen times that of Seattle. The reason behind receiving such heavy rainfall is because the summer air currents sweep over the floodplains of Bangladesh and gather moisture along with them as they proceed towards the North.

Why does Mawsynram receive the highest rainfall in the world

When these moisture carrying clouds hit the Meghalaya’s steep hills, they are forced to squeeze through the narrowed gap of atmosphere and are compressed to such a stage that they can no longer bear the moisture. That causes constant rain in the areas of Mawsynram.

How to Reach

You can use several buses that ply to Mawsynram from Shillong and Guwahati. Also, you can make use of private car services to ride through a hundred kilometers while enjoying the view on your way to Mawsynram.

Nearest Railway StationThe nearest railway station to Mawsynram is the railway station of Shillong.

Nearest AirportThe nearest airport located to Mawsynram is the Umroi Airport of Shillong, or you can also use the Guwahati Airport as well.

Location Map

Not only the beauty of the land of Mawsynram is mesmerizing, but also the simple lifestyle that is lead by the people here will clench your heart with ample modesty. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your trip to the wettest inhabited place on Earth and gain a lifetime of experience to cherish!

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