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Hikkim Post Office – The Highest Post Office of the World

If you are an adventure lover, then this is a place you must never miss to mention in your bucket list of places to travel. Hikkim in Himachal Pradesh of India is the world’s highest post office. The post office lies at an unbelievable height of 4400 meters or 15,500 feet above the sea level amongst the difficult terrains of The Great Himalayas. This clearly denotes the extensive network of the Indian postal service.

Hikkim Post Office – World’s Highest Post Office

Spiti Valley of Hikkim is one among the meagerly inhabited places in the globe. Surrounded by deserted and desolate mountains, precarious passes, meandering rivers, this place is truly unworldly to live in. The very high altitude and cold winds blowing in this region make it very difficult to live within. Yet amongst such circumstances, the world’s highest post office stands still and magnificently, undisturbed by the weather conditions. This tiny yet reliable post office connects the nearby cluster of villages to the rest of the world.


When was Hikkim Post Office established?

The post office was established in the year 1983. Since then, the postmaster RinchenChhering has taken up all the responsibilities of the post office and still stands by the area till date. It has been more than 30 years that he has been appointed as the branch postmaster to the post office at such difficult terrain.

Operation of the Post Office

The post office is the only way of connectivity since the area does not support any telecommunication. The villagers from around Lahaul and Spiti drop in here for communication purposes. The post office also serves as a bank for the people to save and withdraw money as per requirement. The harsh environment and the inaccessibility in this area definitely hamper the activity of the post office. Because of the rugged topography of this region, the vehicular passage is not possible. The letters and parcels are carried by the dauntless travelers through the rocky and rough mountains to Kaza and all this is done on foot.

Operation of the Post Office

The locals and Buddhist monks depend on the post office for their passports and other documents which they use it for overseas travel to different pilgrimages. The postmen travel about forty-six kilometers of a round-trip to cross the mountain every morning and reach the site. Once in Kaza, the mails are taken to ReckongPeo via bus then to Shimla and to Kalka via train. The mails are further shifted to Delhi and dispatched as according to the addresses. The post office remains working almost half the year and is forced to be shut down when it snows. This is when the area is totally secluded.

Hikkim as a place of Tourism

The fact of visiting a completely desolated post office would excite any adventurous person. The place is not just known for its highest post office but also for the highest polling station. The calm and serene environment of the area is absolutely mesmerizing. The ambiance of the villagers will undoubtedly leave an impression to last forever. The view of the stunning grandeur Himalayas is breathtaking.

Hikkim as a place of Tourism

The locals have a very peaceful life and are unaffected by the worldly woes. The culture of Hikkim will indulge a positivity and colorful feeling in you. A perfect vacation spot, it is for those who wish to spend a few days cut from the entire world. There are Buddhist monasteries as old as a millennium. These Buddhist monasteries follow age-old traditions even now. Meditation, benevolence, and magnanimity are what they believe in.


Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh 172114

How to Reach

The topography of the route taking to Hikkim is too rough. Hence, any three- or four- wheelers cannot take the trip through the roads. However, motorbikes can be useful in accessing the place. Usually, the visitors take their trips to Hikkim through motorbikes from Kaza. Another possibility is to take a hike up through the mountains from Kaza which can take a few hours. Bus service is made available nowadays but the frequency of bus travel in very limited. Since Hikkim does not have any hotels or homestay options, one will have to go for Langza (a nearby village) or come back to Kaza for night stay.

Location Map

Hikkim is an enchantress. It is as beautiful as a fresh painting. The locals face a lot of hardships and challenges in their daily lives but the tranquility that they get here is extramundane and unearthly. The adversities appear to affect the least. The spirit of the natives of Spiti will always encourage you. The area is not yet touched by globalization and remains pure. The only route for them to the external world is the postal service. A visit to this outstanding place is a must.

With India, boasting of the largest network of postal service, we also are proud to have the highest point of postal delivery in the country.

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