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‘Dialogue in the Dark’ – This Hyderabad Restaurant serves meals in Complete Darkness!

Are you scared of darkness? Well, you don’t have to be, at least not at Dialogue in the Dark Restaurant at Hyderabad, because this will give you a life time memory that you will ever cherish. If you’re still not getting what the restaurant is about, then you are in for a treat!

‘Dialogue in the Dark’ – This Hyderabad Restaurant serves meals in Complete Darkness

Dialogue in the Dark has been the most talked about restaurants, since the time it’s opened in Hyderabad. This restaurant enables one to have meals in complete darkness. Here, in this place you do not have the privilege of enjoying food with eyes but definitely will get to enjoy the food or drink to the full with your taste-buds. So, in the absence of the sense of sight it will be fun trying to guess those dishes while keeping the table manners right.


From where did the idea of this innovative restaurant pop up?

The idea comes from a social entrepreneur called, Andreas Heinecke.  The interest of this concept came into Andreas’ mind, when he met a generalist, who lost his eyesight in a car accident but was living his life in a normal way. The loss of sight of this young generalist didn’t seem to affect him from achieving his goals in life. This made Andreas come up with the concept of role reversal of sorts taking place between the blind and normal vision individuals to experience darkness using the other senses as well as to overcome barriers. This probably would be the only restaurant, where the blind shows the way to a person who has complete vision.

Experience the Complete Darkness

You will be provided with complete instructions before entering into the darkness. Based on the guidance, one would get an idea about what he/ she will experience in the dark. Any kind of electronic devices such as laptop, cell phones, cameras and watches has to be kept outside in a locker to avoid any distractions as well as to get the complete feel of darkness.

Experience the Complete Darkness

This restaurant will enable you to experience real- life situations such as sipping on coffee, walking in a park or playing cricket in a completely dark room. This creates awareness among the rest of the senses like feel, touch, smell and taste all throughout the little interesting journey at Dialogue in the Dark.

Amazing Activities conducted in the Pitch Dark Zone

At first, it may create a few shivers but gradually after 5 to 10 minutes, you will get adjusted to the dark. The guide will continuously give you instructions, which will help you calm down. After being seated at the table you will completely feel comfortable. The idea about the restaurant is not to scare you but to make you experience situations that a visually challenged person faces in his daily life.

Amazing Activities conducted in the Pitch Dark Zone

The activities will take approximately two hours, where you are taken to a tour exhibition to experience various activities to enhance the senses. After the tour, you will be taken to the dining area. Even while eating, you have to depend on other senses such as smell and touch. Begin to smell and touch the food on the table as you dig into your plate. It’s a pleasant experience to understand, know and guess the food you’ve consumed.

The tour guides are thorough professionals. They are well trained and have a visual map of the area. From serving the food to cleaning the table as well as taking you around the tour, they are just perfect and the most surprising fact is, all the staff present here is visually challenged.

Delicious Cuisines

When you visit the restaurant the receptionist will welcome you to the unique experiences at the restaurant. You will be explained the concept as well as the rules and regulations. After you abide by the rules and regulations you are provided with the menu.

The cuisine consists of north Indian foods, Multi cuisine, Mughlai, Mexican, Tex- Mex, Chinese and Italian. The restaurant serves Non- Vegetarian food as well.

Additional information

Apart from delightful experiences, they provide other facilities such as Business Lunch, Air-conditioned, Fine dining, corporate and Private Parties. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 12:30 pm-3:30 pm and from 7:0 pm-9:30pm. (Note: Children below the age group of 8 are strictly not allowed).


Level 5, Inorbit Mall, Inorbit Mall Road, Software Units Layout, Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana- 500081

How to Reach

One can reach the restaurant through local bus, Taxi, private cars or Riksha. The nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and railway station is Borabanda Railway station.

Location Map

Dialogue in the Dark will definitely add on to your bucket of thrilling activities. In the end, you will realize that your experiences inside is nothing but a regular life of the visually challenged person. It also provides motivation to people, on how the person with the absence of sight never gives up and makes use of their strength to overcome disability.  So, why not discover yourself in the pitch of darkness?

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