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Dharnai, Bihar – India’s First Fully Solar-powered Village

The Earth today is endangered due to the rise in pollution level, which is drastically leading us to global warming. Solar power has come to our rescue in the most unexpected way. The environmentalists have put on immense efforts into the development of solar power to be used in the form of energy, and their hard work has finally paid off. In today’s era, solar energy is considered to be tremendously useful, and it is one of the best sources of renewable energy. Just when there is a rise in demand for energy, solar power has come to cater to our needs. This is not only a reliable source of energy but also is very economical to be used.

Solar Power


Development of Solar Power in Dharnai

India lies in the tropical region due to which the sun remains hot and shines brightly throughout the entire day. If you look at the numbers, India receives sunlight for approximately 300 days in a year that roughly contributes to 3000 hours. The use of solar energy is not only limited for the purpose of lighting but can be used for heating as well. We are well aware of the fact that the lack of power can paralyze the growth of the place. Yet, some of the villages in India are still devoid of electricity. One of those villages was Dharnai in Bihar.

Dharnai – India’s First Fully Solar-powered Village

The people belonging to the village of Dharnai lived without electricity for almost 33 years. But, two NGO’s took matters into their hands recently along with Greenpeace to introduce solar power in Dharnai. As a result, Dharnai was finally able to step into light after living in years of darkness and bearing all the sufferings. It is the first village of India that is today entirely powered by solar energy.

The project of solar power installation

The project of solar power installation

The project of solar power was operated on the 20th of July in the year 2014, in which a sum of Rs 3 crore was invested initially. The system installed in Dharnai is connected with 100 kilowatt, which powers around 450 homes, including 2400 residents, 60 street lights, 50 commercial operations, a training center, two schools, and a healthcare facility. There is always a battery backup kept, which ensures that electricity is available to the population of Dharnai round the clock.

Present scenario in Dharnai

Since 2014, the people of the village of Dharnai have moved ahead of their past. The lights are now switched on in the village, whose credit entirely goes to the decentralized renewable energy solution that has been established in Dharnai. That enables the residents to have access to energy through a smart microgrid, which is continuously and efficiently powered by the sun. The advent of solar power has contributed immensely to the community of Dharnai with the assurance of supplying quality power for the people to save them from living in the dark.

Present scenario in Dharnai

The solar power system installed in the village has been successful in supplying electricity for various purposes apart from just domestic lighting that includes –business and agricultural activity, helping the social infrastructures as well. Reliable supply of electricity, especially during the evening hours, has broadened up the educational opportunities for the children of Dharnai village. In a similar manner, the power received from the solar panels have boosted the local economy tremendously and has brought relief to the social life of the villagers.

There is a considerable level of improvement in the lifestyle led by the people of Dharnai, which has now become the talk of the neighboring villages as well. They are all keen to understand the model of solar power and how the technological invention is benefiting human lives in innumerable ways and are ready to replicate such models in their village as well.

How to reach?

Dharnai belongs to the Magadh division, which is 25 km towards the south of Jehanabad in Bihar and is 8 km away from Makhdumpur.

Even if you take a train or a flight, you will be able to reach up till Makhdumpur, from there you need to book a private cab or a public transport such as a bus or a tempo to reach the village.

Nearest Railway Station: Bela Railway Station is 3 km away from the village.

Nearest Airport: Gaya Airport is 33 km away from Dharnai.

Location Map


It’s been just a few years since the establishment of solar power in Dharnai, but they have drastically altered the dynamics of the village. Not only the village has been lighted but, but everything in their community has been enlightened with the establishment of solar power panels in the village. They have better health facilities now, the financial stability of the village has improved, and they are gradually moving towards entertainment as well. To take inspiration from the glorifying story of the village and its people, you must pay a visit to Dharnai once in your lifetime.

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