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Chail Cricket Ground – World’s Highest Cricket Ground

Encased by the massive deodar trees on all sides is the Chail Cricket Ground, which is not only mesmerizing with its looks but also is the highest cricket ground in the world. The cricket ground of Chail came into existence in the year 1893 and is sometimes used for playing polo as well. The fascinating fact about the Chail Cricket Ground is –it is perched at the height of 2144 m. That is 7500 feet above the mean sea level, which also one of the renowned cricket stadiums in India.

Chail Cricket Ground – World’s Highest Cricket Ground

Established in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the cricket ground in India is also a crucial element of the hill station in Chail. At night, the visitors can have a panoramic view of Sutlej Valley, Kasauli, and Shimla from this location. The Chail Military School uses the world’s highest cricket ground as a school playground as well. There is a well-maintained basketball court made adjacent to the cricket ground with goalposts as well, which enable the players to play football as well.


History of the World’s highest cricket ground

Away from the hustle-bustle of a famous hill station like Shimla, the Chail Cricket ground is located. It is at a distance of 44 kilometers from the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. This ground is the brainchild of the Maharaja of Patiala as he possessed great interest towards the game of cricket. The palace of Chail was a summer holiday home for the King of Patiala. The British Raj allotted this land to the King for his unmatched assistance offered during the Anglo Nepalese War.

History of the World’s highest cricket ground

Even after the bond that King Bhupinder Singh shared with British Raj, he incurred the anger and got in bad terms with Lord Kitchener in the year 1891. This incident prevented Maharaja Bhupinder Singh from entering into the summer capital of India that is Shimla. This instigated the Maharaja and encouraged him to rebuild the royal palace of Chail as per his needs and wishes. Later, he came across a hilltop and thus made a cricket ground thereafter completing the work of leveling. The land was then covered by pine and deodar trees that are still retained and well-preserved to date.

The King’s love for cricket

Later, when the crease between King Bhupinder Singh and British Raj was ironed out, they played cricket here. In the present scenario, the cricket ground is now controlled by the Indian Army. You can spot the vast Himalayan ranges in the vicinity of the Chail Cricket ground. The mighty ranges of Himalaya are clad with scintillating snow that enhances the enigma of the entire location and adds up to the beauty of Chail. After the acquisition by Indian Union, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh donated almost all his possess to the Indian Government and the Military School of Chail.

Best Time to visit

The weather conditions throughout the year in Chail are quite splendid. While the summer months are refreshing as well as pleasant, during winters, it is somewhat calmer and chilly as well. The rain received in Chail during the monsoon season is quite infrequent.

Best Time to visit

Therefore, you can visit the location as per your desire. You can plan out during your favorite season to take a trip to the highest cricket ground in the world. However, the places are quite crowded during the months from April to July and then from September to November. To enjoy some time in solitude, you could visit Chail during the remaining months of the year.

How to Reach?

Chail Cricket Ground is located at a distance of 44 km from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, India. Chail is reasonably connected with the main cities of Himachal Pradesh, and therefore, several means of transport are available to cater to your needs. The bus services offered by Himachal Pradesh’s government are very prominent.

Nearest Railway StationThe Kalka-Shimla railways are a feasible option to opt for commuting to the world’s highest cricket ground.

Nearest AirportThe Airport of Shimla is the nearest airport located close to Chail Cricket Ground

Location Map

Chail is a hill station yet is one of the offbeat places in India. Although many people plan their trips to Shimla, they seldom consider their options to visit the highest cricket ground in the world. Therefore, if you are a person who is in search of some solitude during your holiday trip, you could consider visiting Chail Cricket Ground. The place is renowned for the heritage hotel in its possession –the Chail Palace amidst the deodar and pine trees. The fresh smell of pine and deodar trees is quite mesmerizing and will enchant you with its magical charm.

Surrounded by the lush green and admirable view of the Himalayan Ranges, the place is also referred to as the hiker’s paradise. Chail is a place that will give its tourists a memorable experience of traveling. So what are you waiting for; book your tickets to visit the Chail cricket ground and hill station in your next holiday.

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