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Cat Café Studio, Mumbai- India’s first Café for Stray Cats

We might have heard a lot about the dog café which is now commonly found in many prominent cities of the country. But what about those in love with cats? A new concept in Mumbai has come up. The city is now friendly towards cats too especially the ones who are the most ignored. This Cat Café in Mumbai is very welcoming to the stray cats and those who wish to express their love for the kids. Now, the cat enthusiasts can sip their coffee or enjoy a slice of cake and pamper their beloved fur friends.


The idea behind Cat Café

The owners of Cat Café came up with the idea of rescuing cats that are mostly ignored on the streets, hurt, abandoned, damaged both physically and emotionally and bring them into the limelight for adoption. They believes that there are people out in the society who really care about these babies and it is the main motive to bring these souls together for a happy living.

The idea behind Cat Café.

The Cat Café hence was started on a full-fledged basis from 2015, though it was actually inaugurated in 2010. Since then, there were about 200 cat adoptions done legally and currently home to more than 40 felines. The café is sponsored by Zcyphher. The owners along with running the cafe have also initiated an NGO from 2017 that helps in rescue and takes care of the cats.

Forte of the Café

Entry to the café is absolutely free. This means that you can spend as much time as you want with the furry felines. You can click pictures with your favorite companion. The café is totally clean in and out. The maintenance staff does an amazing job to keep the place shiny like a diamond. You can bring your pets too and introduce them to new companions. Relax and de-stress yourself from a busy schedule and spend a perfect evening at the café.

Forte of the Café

The Cat Café is not just about loving or pampering the cats. They have a wide range of beverages and snacks to nibble like milkshakes, coffee, cakes, sandwiches, pancakes, pastries, waffles, and more. The café is quite spacious for you to be comfortable. So, get cozy in any corner of your choice and rejoice the time with the innocents.

The liveliness of the Café

The Cat Café is quite high-spirited. The café organizes events very regularly. Starting from performances by bands, live shows and open mics, camps for adoption, and events of appreciations the café keeps the liveliness ongoing. Festivals at the café are quite enjoyable. May it be the Children’s day, Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Valentine ’s Day, or New Year celebrations, the place is open and brightly decorated for every event. To encourage the creative side, the café studio lets the artists venture their work on canvas and exhibit at weekly events organized here.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai- India's first Café for Stray Cats

It is not just the artists but the people of the Cat Café studio usher photographers, musicians, painters, writers, comedians, performers, dancers, fashion designers, speakers, and professionals too to display their talent and enchant the city. This not only helps the young talents to be discovered but creates a way to forget the stress of your life. In addition to this, the cats get to know humans better and closer. It opens an opportunity for both the tomcats and the society to interact even intimately.

Why you must visit this place?

With jumping and hoping furball around you, you will definitely forget the woes of the worldly life. The cuties know very well how to create a spark in your life. One touch and talk with the cats is all you need to bring back the missing essence of your life. Won’t you enjoy a company on your lap while you munch on the delicious pie? Why not spend some valuable time with those little ignored kitties and fill their lives with unforgettable moments.


Bungalow No, 63, Harminder Singh Rd, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

How to reach

Once in Mumbai, one can take a bus, local train, or a cab to Andheri West. The Cat Café is located right beside the main road at Aram Nagar in Versova. The location is easily available to be traced on maps to be traced.

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The cat café lets you bring a new member to your life through adoption. So, if you have a cat friend there who is actually fond of you then do make them a lifetime love of your life. Help them get a forever home or gift your friends the happiness they have been lacking. You may also donate for the maintenance for the noble cause. Fix a date with the fur buddies, fix your broken heart, and let that loneliness go away in just a visit. You will undoubtedly “purrsonally” fall in love with this place.

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