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Bullet Baba’s Temple Near Jodhpur Where People Worship 350 cc Bullet Motorcycle

Our country is famous for its culture and tradition all over the world. Being a secular country, India allows every citizen to practice their own religion peacefully. With such a vast variety people worship different forms of God. But, do you know there is a place where Royal Enfield bullet is being worshipped? Oh yeah, you heard us right. This shrine is for bullet lovers who are always on the roll on new expedition trips. They worship the motorbike and his dead owner,the way devotee worships their Gods.


Significance & Story of Bullet Baba Temple

Sited near Jodhpur, Bullet Baba is a temple as well as a memorial. Doubtlessly, the temple is an example of wonder and worship. But there is nothing unusual about that. India is a land of faith and temples dot the landscape here. But this temple has its own uniqueness as you will find a 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle being worshiped here. Although the temple is named after Om Banna, it is popularly known as bullet baba temple.

Bullet Baba’s Temple Near Jodhpur Where People Worship 350 cc Bullet

You must be having several questions in your head now. Read on to find an interesting background story. History has it that, son of a village leader, Om Banna once met with a noxious accident on the highway after losing control over his motorcycle around 25 years ago. His bike skidded and hit a tree on the same spot. Banna was well known in the town for his love for bikes and he had got that bike immediately after marriage. The bike was hauled away by the police and that’s when the legend began.

To everyone’s surprise, the bike was miraculously found at the same spot the very next day. Assuming it to be mischief, the police took the bike back, but this time securing it with chains and deflating tyres. But every time the police took back the bike it would return to the same spot. They even tried emptying the fuel tank but the bike did not seem to like the police station. Many truck drivers report that they have seen Om Banna asking for a lift from them. Thus began the legend bullet baba, or Om Banna the patron saint of all the highway users.

Bullet Baba Temple

Every passer-by, be it be tourist bus drivers, taxi drivers or young men on a motorcycle, they come bearing bottles of whiskey since it was Banna’s favourite tipple. Every traveller halts at the shrine and prays for a safe ride ahead. Some hand over the bottle to the priest while others sprinkle it on Banna’s bust. Women also visit the place with red bangles, threads and colourful pieces of cloth tied around the shrine for the safe ride of their husband. Newborns and newly married couples are brought here to seek his blessings.

Inside the temple, stands the bust of Banna on the elevated concrete platform and behind it stands the bullet enclosed in a glass case. The tree also forms a part of the shrine to which Om Banna had hit after skidding. A small complex across the road from the shrine sells photographs and Om Banna key rings. As stated by the locals’ people worship this mere mortal because they believe that faith has immense power and he protects everyone who drives on this road.


The bullet baba shrine is sited in Pali district near Jodhpur, Rajasthan devoted to the diety Om Banna on the opposite of Rajputana Hotel. It is about 24 kilometres from Pali and 53 kilometres away from Jodhpur on the National Highway 65.

How to Reach

1. By Air: The nearest airport to Bullet baba’s temple is the Jodhpur airport sited at a distance of roughly 50 kilometres which has daily flights to Delhi and Mumbai. Without facing much trouble you take a taxi, autorickshaw or book a cab as per your wish.

2. By Train: Pali railway station being 20 km apart is the closest to bullet baba temple connecting to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pali. Autorickshaws and taxis are easily available outside the station to make your journey hustle free.

3. By Road: Located on the National Highway 65 between Pali and Jodhpur at a distance of 22km one can easily reach here by RSRTC bus with a very low fare or by hiring a private taxi.

Location Map

This may sound weird but yes, the locals have a very strong belief on this shrine. Being an Indian you must have visited almost all kinds of shrines, but this would be the most unique temple you would ever come across. In case you happen to be in Rajasthan, do visit this unique place with a strong faith among the locals. And yes, do not forget Om Banna’s favourite booze.

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