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Bhaini Sahib Village – Music Village of India

Music is an explosive expression of humanity and the emotional connection between them. Everyone loves music no matter what culture we are from. In the land of bhangra, a town flourishes at Punjab where the lost art of classical music is kept alive in every soul. The Bhaini Sahib village offers fine-tuned notes in this small community where the ethicality of the music is preserved in its classical form.


Importance of Music at Bhaini Sahib Village

Regardless of their work as farmers, bakers, shopkeepers or homemakers, music has always been an integral part of the villagers’ lives. For the past hundred years, every child raised in the village has been trained with the fundamentals of Indian classical music. They can choose whichever career in their life, but music always runs on a parallel track. The vocalists believe that if music is taught to the children, they will end up being a better human being.

Bhaini Sahib Village, Ludhiana - Music Village of India

Customarily, after completing their daily chores and studies, the children of Bhaini Sahib collect their instruments and rush to the music room where generations of Balmant Singh Namdhari awaits to teach them. They are taught how music communicates with the rhythmic cycle of the universe, why some particular ragas are only sung at dusk or dawn and how peacocks swirl along with the tempo of rain and how has music influenced for generations.

History of the Village

Namdhari is a sect of Sikhs that believes that the lineage of the living Gurus continued after the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh. They have embodied the shades of Indian classical music. Namdharis have established their spiritual base in the village back in the 19th century.

Bhaini Sahib Village - India's Music Village

About a century ago, the Namdhari leader, Satguru Pratap Singh, began the tradition of teaching classical music to the children of the village. He strongly believed in the power of music to transform the soul. When he passed away from this world in 1959, his son Satguru Jagjit Singh took up the duty of ensuring that this sacred tradition continued. He took over his father’s passion for music. He himself is an accomplished singer and Dilruba player.

Evolution of Music in the Village

Satguru Jagjit Singh built his friendship with the great music wizards of India so that they could teach the children of the village. He also convinced tabla master Kishan Maharaja to teach the village kids. The maestro of sitar Vilayat Khan regularly used to visit the village while Shivkumar Sharma’s santoors are still made at this village. The close ties of the maestros have ensured that the talented students get a chance to learn with the masters. There is a provision of a hostel in Mumbai which is free of cost for children who aspire to learn at the academies of these masters. The elders of the village have encouraged the children to practice music along with formal education.

Bhaini Sahib Village

The tradition continues with the youths of almost all the 500 families learning classical singing or any other musical instrument. This loop has also fostered a culture of learning and excellence.

Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji

Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji was the son of Satguru Pratap Singh. He inherited his father’s passion for teaching the children of the village about music. The evolution of classical music flourished under him in the village. Under his guidance, Bhaini Sahib developed into a village that nurtured classical music. His efforts were mainly centered for educating the village kids in music but he never hesitated to render help to students from other parts of the country. He was the spiritual leader who inspired the villagers to keep this tradition going.

How to Reach

Bhaini Sahib is a quiet village in the Ludhiana district of Punjab. The village is located in 22 km towards East from the district headquaters of Ludhiana. It is about 80 km from the capital state, Chandigarh. This place is situated in the border of the Ludhiana district and the Jalandhar district.

By Road: It takes 34 mins approximately to reach Bhaini Sahib from Ludhiana. You can hire a cab if you want the journey a little more comfortable. And if you are looking for a more economical way you can take a bus.

By Air: Sahnewal Airport, also known as Ludhiana Airport is the nearest to the Bhaini Sahib village. It is about 11.2 km away from the village. It would be convenient to hire a taxi or a cab from the airport to reach the destination.

By Rail: Doraha Railway Station is the nearest from Bhaini Sahib. It is only at a distance of 8.1 km.

Location Map

Music is not just an art. It’s the way of life in Bhaini Sahib. This is a unique village in our country where the mornings witness the magical sounds of birds and children singing. If you are passionate about music and culture this place is a must visit.

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