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7 Best Eating Spots In The Algarve

Every traveler’s dream is to visit as many places in the world as they can. That said, eating different food is one of the most fulfilling things that traveling can do for people. Taking your mouth to a flavor journey is fun, surprising, and delicious.

7 Best Eating Spots In The Algarve.

So, if you ever visit the Algarve, here are some of the best eating spots you should try:


1. Sao Gabriel

You can find Sao Gabriel near of the most distinguished resorts in Algarve, Quinta do Lago. Sao Gabriel is a Michelin-starred establishment. If you have the money, do not miss out on this place because it not only has good food, but it also has a beautiful ambiance.

If you wish to stay in a place near Sao Gabriel, you can find one using companies like Haven on Earth that can help you arrange for accommodations and let you stay in one of the gorgeous villas. If you’re on a romantic getaway, you’ll have a lovely place to stay in, as well as a romantic restaurant to fill you and your significant other.

2. Bem Bom

If you’re a big fan of barbecues, then the Algarve won’t disappoint you. After spending a day at the beach in Quarteira, take a 5-minute walk to one of the best barbecue places there, which is the Bem Bom. If you’re a tourist asking for recommendations, one of the things you’ll hear about is the Bem Bom.

They have a wide selection of meats and fish. The delicious choices of pork, beef, and sausages are what makes this place a favorite. Of course, there are also fish, rice, beans, fries, and a lot of other viands on their menu, so you’re not limited to meats.

3. Docaria Almeixar

For those who have a sweet-tooth, indulge in the sweet treats of Docaria Almeixar. It’s a café that offers a selection of pastries, bread, and coffee. At first glance, you might think that it’s only a cake shop, but when you enter, you’ll soon find out that they also have options for different meals.

If you’re in Europe and ventured to visit the world’s oldest restaurant, why not travel further and visit Docaria Almeixar in Algarve? You can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner here and not just dessert. They also make their own bread, such as baguettes, and you will also love their burgers. The ambiance is warm and is family-friendly, and you’ll surely want to come back. 

4. Adega do Cantor

For people who love tasting different kinds of wine, Adega do Cantor is one of the places you should visit. The vineyard is near the town of Albufeira. You’ll find rows of grapevines in the beautiful landscape. You’ll enjoy not only the wine but also the view.

Adega do Cantor is the home of the Vida Nova Wines of Sir Cliff Richard. It’s not just a journey for your taste buds, but your mind, too. It’s an educational trip also where you’ll learn lots about wine.

5. Sandbanks

The Algarve is home to beautiful beaches, such as the famous Vale do Lobo. In the resort, you’ll find Sandbanks. It’s a restaurant that has a beautiful view of the ocean. If you’re a foodie as well as a beach-lover, Sandbanks is the place to go.

Being on the coast, you can expect the freshest seafood on their menu, but you’re not limited to it. If you prefer meat while enjoying the spectacular ocean view, they also have a selection of those. Sandbanks also provides a kids’ menu, making it a family-friendly restaurant as well.

6. Café Ingles

For those who want to discover the culture and arts in the Algarve, Silves is most likely one of the towns you’d like to visit. It has historical buildings such as the Gothic cathedral. It’s a place where photographers would enjoy because of its picturesque appeal.

Café Ingles is a great place to have lunch and snacks. It’s actually one of the most accessible food establishments for the cultural experience. The café has jazz music, flamenco performances, and also poetry reading.

7. Pizzeria Fratelli

Pizza lovers out there will rejoice because the Algarve has a pizzeria that serves good food, which you can enjoy with the view of Olhos de Agua beach. After enjoying the view of the rock formations, you can head over to Pizzeria Fratelli for wood-fired pizzas. Aside from pizza, you can also find pasta, seafood, cakes, drinks, and many others.

In the southernmost part of Portugal, you’ll find the region of the Algarve. It has beautiful cultural towns, as well as panoramic and breathtaking beaches. It’s a tourist spot that no traveler should ever miss. Experience the culture of the Algarve and, when you feel hungry, give the places on this list a visit.

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